Dream of: 26 January 1982 "Hitchhiking"

It was night and I was at the Gay Street House, which was now occupied by Hari Krishnas. Groups of people were in every room doing different kinds of physical exercises. The groups were divided up into people who were novices up through people who were very experienced. By looking at the way the people were doing the exercises, one could quickly tell which groups were more experienced. The more advanced people were more rhythmical and more in unison when they exercised, whereas the novices weren't so coordinated and unified in their movements.

I walked into the downstairs room on the Eighth Street side of the House, and found it filed with comic books. Apparently the Hari Krishnas were in the business of selling comic books there. One comic book (which had a number in the 30s and was put out by Marvel Comics), was about a Hari Krishna man who was some kind of hero. Most other comics were just regular comics, many of which were Marvels. Many were in plastic covers, and were arranged in shelves all about the room.

In the ceiling of the room was a hole which had a board over it. I wanted to stand on something and look through the hole so I could see what was going on upstairs; but I was afraid someone might look through the window and see me, and since I didn't want to cause any commotion, I didn't do it.

I left the House and began hitchhiking toward West Portsmouth. I was picked up by Roleen (a girl with whom I attended Portsmouth High School in the late 1960s), Marjean (a high school schoolmate), and another girl (she was a fat girl who was in my classes at PHS and was later in Little Theater). The three were in the front, with the fat girl driving, Marjean in the middle and Roleen on the passenger side. I climbed into the back seat and began flirting with Marjean, who closely resembled Goldie Hawn.

Roleen stretched her head over the back seat, and I began kissing Roleen. Roleen had put her hand on my penis. As Roleen and I passionately kissed, I was afraid Marjean would be upset, because I thought Marjean wanted to be with me, and I still somewhat wanted to be with Marjean.

We stopped kissing; Roleen and I began talking. The subject of dreams arose; I asked Roleen if she had ever dreamed about me. She said she had. I asked Marjean if she had ever dreamed about me; she said she had dreamed about me several times. I told them I had dreamed about both of them. I thought it was terribly interesting that I had dreamed about them and that they had dreamed about me. I tried to understand what that meant.

I positioned myself so I was between Marjean and Roleen; I intended to begin kissing Marjean. Finally I began first kissing Marjean and then Roleen, and then back and forth. I was thoroughly enjoying myself.

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