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Dream of: 25 January 1982 "Breach"

I was carrying a large, brown, square pillow which was torn along one edge so some white stuffing in the pillow was visible. It was actually in rather poor shape. I was headed toward Ronnie Stevens' (a former schoolmate  from high school) house on Jackson Street in Portsmouth. When I reached the house, I put the pillow on the front porch, and thought about how I was tired of carrying the pillow around and how I would like to leave it there.

I looked into the front room; all the furniture was gone. I hollered inside; a woman answered from the back of the house; I walked in. In the back of the house I found Ron's mother sweeping up the dirty house. I looked out back; all the furniture from the house had been moved out back. When Ron' mother told me she was cleaning up the house, I said, "Well, when you clean, you really do a job, don't you."

Ron's mother walked to the front porch and brought in the pillow which I had been carrying. Only it was no longer a pillow, but a sack of potatoes, weighing about five pounds, some clothes, which included my brown corduroy pants, some blue jeans, and a couple pair of rubber boots. It seemed as if I might have earlier bought some of the items at a Salvation Army.

I found a bucket and thought I would put all the stuff in it so I could take it with me. I really did not want to take it, but I did not think Ron's mother wanted me to leave it here. After putting everything into the bucket, I decided to eat some of the potatoes, which were boiled. Although I did not have any butter to put on the potatoes, I did put something on them and began eating them, even though they were all mixed up with the clothes, which even appeared to be dirty.

I began becoming sick of what I was eating, walked out the back door, and spat out a large mouthful. When I walked back into the house and looked again at how the clothes and the potatoes were all wound up together, I decided not to eat any more. I even thought I was going to leave the rest of the potatoes there and not carry them around with me anymore.

I began talking with Ron's mother about what Ron was doing these days and I asked her about a girl whom Ron used to date. I thought Ron had married the girl, but Ron's mother told me Ron had never married her. Although the girl was still around, Ron was now dating someone else. Ron's mother said Ron had talked to her the day before and had told her he was unsure whether he loved the girl whom he was presently dating.

I also had a bunch of nuts, perhaps walnuts, with me. I walked out back and began pouring the nuts into a bucket. I began walking down some steps and was pouring the nuts as I went. I spilled many nuts on the ground. Some hungry, little squirrels ran up, broke some of the nuts open and began eating them as if they were starving to death.

I noticed a small girl (apparently Ron's little sister) driving either a car or a small pickup truck. With the truck she was pulling or pushing some kind of flat trailer, which was behind the truck. I then noticed some Saint Bernard puppies under the trailer. The mother of the puppies (obviously not a full blooded Saint Bernard, but a half breed), was anxiously watching. When I screamed at Ron's sister to stop, she stopped and got out. I explained to her that I was afraid she was going to run over the puppies. She showed me that the puppies were not actually under the trailer, but were back behind it and out of danger.

There were four puppies in all. The mother took one puppy over to a separate place. Two puppies looked like Saint Bernard's, but two looked as if they had German Shepherd blood in them. I thought to myself that a Saint Bernard was not the father of these puppies. I thought that the mother was obviously a half breed and that she in turn had mated with a German Shepherd, to give these results, these two puppies that looked like Saint Bernard and these two that look like German Shepherds.

Some large, hairy, gray dogs which looked like lions were in the back yard. One dog picked up one of the other ones on its nose and threw it straight up into the air. The dog came down and landed with a thud in the neighbor's yard. The dog lay there for a short while and I thought it was probably injured. Finally, it stood up and began walking toward me. I did not want to have anything to do with it and I walked back into the house.

Ron finally showed up and he and I walked out back. We talked for a while, until he finally asked me about using the word "breach." He used the word in a non-legal context and I said, "Yea, you can use it in that sense, but it's really a legal term, and its used almost exclusively in legal language."

I wanted to go to the federal penitentiary at Lucasville about 15 kilometers north of Portsmouth. Lee Seeley (an employee of my father) showed up riding a motorcycle, and I thought perhaps he could give me a ride to the Gay Street House. I loaded up my things (which were no longer in the bucket, but in my green back pack) unto the back of the motorcycle. I jumped onto the back and we took off. I was planning on just having him take me to the Gay Street House, but on the way I asked him if he were going by the penitentiary. When he said he was, I said, "Well maybe you can give me a ride all the way out there."

Since he was going out in the country somewhere right by the penitentiary, he said, "Sure."

As we talked, I learned that he was also going to take Don Mauntell (an acquaintance) with him, and that he needed to first stop by Mauntell's house.

I asked Seeley if he had ever ridden with three people on a motorcycle before and he told me he never had. I was quite apprehensive at the prospect.

I was also carrying three or four checks with me. I had originally deposited the checks in a bank, and then later had returned to the bank to ask for some money. The bank had then given me back the same checks which I had deposited in the bank. One check was from my father and was for about $200. I also had my own checkbook with me. I wondered if I would be able to cash the checks at the prison, and concluded the officials at the prison would cash the checks for me. I knew I was going to be needing some money at the prison.

As we rode along, I was not sitting well on the motorcycle, and I felt as if I were going to fall off, but I managed to stay on, until we finally reached the country. We pulled up a little lane, and headed up it until we reached a house at the top of a rise, where we were going to pick up Don Mauntel.

Instead of Don, Grady Randle (a law student) walked out of the house. Randle was wearing a sports jacket. He matter-of-factly boarded the motorcycle behind Seeley, and I jumped on behind Randle. I said, "Well, Grady, you got a good hold?"

He said, "Sure."

Seeley then took off back down the lane so fast I fell off the back and pulled Randle off with me. Randle and I sat on the ground watching Seeley go on off down the road. We could hear a thumping sound coming from the motorcycle, as if it had a flat tire. I then saw the chain fly off the motorcycle. All the while, Seeley had not yet realized we had fallen off the motorcycle. He continued down the lane until he reached the bottom.

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