Dream of: 24 January 1982 "In Full Bloom"

I was in some hills which seemed to be somewhere in Gallia County, Ohio. I had seen in a newspaper that week that a particular type of psychedelic plant was in full bloom at this time of year. Two other fellows and I had met one day thereafter, intending to go through the hills in search of the plants. I was riding a bicycle and pulled it up. We then all started off through the woods.

The fellow leading was the a law student who had sat next to me on my right in my constitutional law class. He insisted that none of us eat any of the plants because the article in the paper had said that the legal authorities were keeping a watch to make sure no one ate any plants. The authorities were going to arrest anyone found eating the plants.

Finally, we found a few of the plants, which just looked like weeds with large leaves, and I ate a few as we walked along. I began to feel some mild effect from the plants. Finally, we found a large bunch of the plants, and I wanted to eat some of them. But the other fellow was adamant that we not eat any and he said the police were around. He pointed to a nearby hill and said he was sure that police were on that hill watching us. I replied, "Well look. We're not going to carry any around. I'm just going to eat them right here. I'm not going to get that high. I've been so high on hallucinogens before that I couldn't move from the spot, because I couldn't see anything for the hallucinations all around me. But then other times I have just been very mildly affected by it. And that's basically what I intend now, is to just be mildly affected by it."

I pulled up one of the plants and began eating it. At the same time, I was keeping my eyes open, because I was somewhat apprehensive of the police coming up unexpectedly. And I also wondered if the police could track us from the point where I had left my bicycle and find some stems of plants from which we had eaten the leaves. But I didn't think they would be able to do that.

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