Dream of: 23 January 1982 "Secret Lives"

I was at the home of Karry Anderson (who had been a year ahead of me when we had attended Portsmouth High School), where I apparently was going to start living with Karry and her parents. I was lying on a bed and Karry was lying on the floor next to the bed. As we talked, I picked up a newspaper which looked like a National Enquirer and which had Karry's pictures all over the front of it and on the next few pages. The pictures showed her wearing practically no clothing. She seemed to be wearing a scanty bathing suit. As I leafed through the pages, the pictures showed her wearing even fewer clothes. Finally I reached a picture in which she was sitting down completely nude. In another picture she was standing up completely nude. I looked at her brown pubic hairs. I then looked again at the pictures, and noticed that there were actually black boxes which covered the genital areas.

I thought Karry would have no trouble posing for Playboy, and I thought of asking her if she had ever posed for Playboy.

I looked at Karry lying on the floor and realized she wasn't wearing any top, so her breasts were visible. After talking with her more, I finally asked her how she liked posing in the nude for newspapers. I then reached over and put my hand on one of her breasts. Next I bent over and began kissing one of her breasts.

I continued doing that and was enjoying myself, until a small girl came up and attacked me. The girl began biting me on my legs and butt. I screamed and tried to kick her off, but was unsuccessful. During the struggle, Karry rose and went into the next room, where I could still see her around the corner. She took off her pants (so that she was only wearing panties) and then she put on a sweat shirt.

Meanwhile the little girl (only as tall as my knees and somewhat like a little dog) continued attacking me. I hollered for Karry to make the girl stop, but Karry apparently was unable to help.

I was anxious to get back with Karry, but Karry said that her parents were here. I looked out the window; indeed, her parents had arrived. Karry and I weren't going to be able to have any more contact.

Karry said the little girl would now stop, and indeed, the closer the parents came to the house, the more the little girl stopped bothering me. When the parents finally entered the house, the little girl completely stopped bothering me. When the parents came in, it was as if nothing had happened between Karry and me; the little girl and everything was normal.

It occurred to me that we were all living secret lives and no one else, such as the parents, would know about it. So I didn't say anything to anyone.

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