Dream of: 19 January 1982 "Nibbling Deer"

I had gone to Remedies class at Baylor Law School. I sat down in a seat next to Wallace (a law student) on my right and with the aisle on my left.

The students were supposed to have read three or four cases; but I hadn't read them. I did have some synopses of the cases and was quickly trying to read them before class began.

The actual cases were to be found in a copy of ALR 3. I noticed that Wallace not only had a copy of ALR 3 but also copies of ALR 1 and ALR 2 as well as copies of other ALR books. I told him it looked as if he had the whole set.

For myself, I didn't even know in which copy of ALR 3 the cases were supposed to be found. All I had was my synopses.

The class began. Usually the professor (who was a woman) didn't call on anyone. But on this day she called out the name of Lewenstein (a former high school classmate). She asked what the case was about and he answered, "I don't know."

Obviously he hadn't read the case. Hands went up around the room and the professor called on someone else. She then began looking for something in one of her books that she wanted to show us. She looked and looked but she couldn't find it.

After 20-30 minutes of waiting, several students rose and left. The professor didn't seem to care and the classroom gradually began emptying out. Leah was still waiting in a seat behind me.

I stood and walked out. Weinstein had also been in the class; he had walked out right before me. He was dressed snazzy; he had on a sharp-looking pair of beige shoes with a brown stripe around them while I was wearing an old pair of brown shoes whose heel was about to fall off. Weinstein was also wearing beige pants and a nice jacket. He looked as if he had just stepped out of a fashion catalog.

I could tell that he didn't want to have anything to do with me. I passed him in the hallway and murmured, "I've never seen a class disintegrate like that one."

Weinstein made no reply, so I walked on. I turned through a door on my right and he followed me. I made several other turns and every time he stayed right behind me. I was headed toward the front door so I could leave. When I finally reached the front door I could hear music from musical instruments and figured a music class was in process. When I turned toward the front door Weinstein turned the other way toward the music class.

I climbed up some stairs and finally walked outside. I had to descend about a dozen steps to the ground. But before I did so I stopped short, for I saw standing at the bottom of the stairs a large red deer. It had no antlers but was still quite beautiful. A Mexican man (apparently the guardian) was standing next to it. Another man petted the deer for a moment and then walked away.

I wanted to pet it; I walked slowly toward it. I reached out my hand to touch its side. It suddenly lurched forward and ran up the stairs and as it passed me, I caressed its whole side.

It reached the top of the stairs and stood towering above me. I moved my hand toward its mouth. It began nibbling on my hand. I let it nibble but was cautious lest it clamp down on my fingers.

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