Dream of: 18 January 1982 (2) "Chaotic Writing"

Duesler, Casey (both law students) and I were sitting in a room listening to a lecture being given by Dohoney. We weren't in the classroom proper, but in a back room connected to the classroom by swinging doors containing small windows. We were talking with each other. Although Dohoney was speaking clearly, we couldn't hear her when we spoke amongst ourselves. I moved closer to the door and Casey followed me. It appeared that Dohoney saw Casey as he sat down next to me.

Suddenly, the swinging doors flew open and Dohoney walked in. She said she wanted us all to come down front because there was no reason for our staying in the back room. I said, "I think that's a good idea."

When I had moved closer to the door I had left my book in the seat where I had been. I went back to fetch it and Dohoney followed me. She said she had a few comments to make about our writing. She began with Duesler and said that he did just fine. She then said, "Steve and Wade have a few problems I need to discuss with them."

She spoke very softly and understandingly. I replied, "I know my spelling is bad. When I was younger I just didn't study spelling."

She said, "That's good. You'll be able to learn it better now."

I continued, "And my grammar is terrible. I don't know grammar rules at all. I know a subject and verb and a little about prepositional phrases, but when I look at my writing it just seems so chaotic."

Dohoney seemed very understanding. She said she was thinking of writing an article comparing mine and Duesler's writing and showing the difference. She wanted to show how Duesler used proper grammatical construction and I didn't. But she was nice about it and seemed to want to help me. She wanted to take some time and show me how to improve. I thought that was a fine idea but I wondered when she would actually do it.

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