Dream of: 18 January 1982 "Doing Nothing"

My old girlfriend Birdie Presley (my girlfriend when I was a teenager) and I stopped by the home of Mike Walls and his wife Connie (two other friends from my teenage years) in Portsmouth, Ohio (my hometown when I was a teenager). After Birdie and I walked into the living room, I sat on the far right side of the couch and Birdie sat to my left. Another couple was lying down on the couch on the other side of Birdie.

When I saw Steve Buckner (another teenage friend) in the room, I rose and said, "Buckner, I have a treat for you."

I had intended to read him some dreams in which he had appeared (just as I had recently read some dreams to Mike in which Mike had appeared), but then I said, "Oh crap, I don't have them with me. They're not in the car."

I told Steve I dreamed the night before that I had been bronco riding an elephant. He said that would be difficult because an elephant was so large. I told him the elephant had only come up to my waist.

Two fellows whom I did not know stopped by and Mike walked into the kitchen with them. I heard Mike say to one, "Bet you fellows are in need of some grass."

The fellow replied, "No, I have four or five which will last me till Monday."

After they talked for a while, the fellow decided perhaps he ought to obtain more marijuana from Mike. Mike said, "Well, why don't I just give you the key to the compound and you can go get it yourself."

I walked into the next room for a moment. When I returned, Birdie was sitting where I had been sitting. I said something to her about it and then I sat down where she had been sitting. The reason Birdie had shifted places was soon apparent: the girl lying on the couch had been crowding Birdie. The girl kept touching me with her legs until I shoved her legs away from me a couple times. The girl finally got the message and stopped.

The fellow and girl on the couch finally left. Birdie also wanted to leave but I wanted to stay longer. So Birdie shifted back over to the other side of me, lay down and fell asleep. She had seemed withdrawn and I had not heard her speak with anyone.

Apparently, Mike had cable television and a show called "Ghost Story" was just going off. The words sounded like poetry as they flashed across the television.

Birdie awoke and said we had to leave. Several other couples were now in the room. Birdie stood and walked out the door without saying anything to anybody. I knew she could not get into the car because I had the keys. When I likewise rose, Steve walked over to me. I had hardly spoken to him before. We stood next to a large Christmas tree and I just looked at him for about 15 seconds, unable to think of what I wanted to say to him. Finally, I said, "Steve, what are you doing now."

Holding a drink in his hand, he looked sheepish and replied, "Nothing."

He said he lived in Columbus. I surmised that his parents were supplying him with money. He continued, "Oh in the day I read a lot. And at nights I party."

I visualized his life and thought how dismal it would be to party every night.

When Birdie walked back in, I walked over to her. She grabbed my arm and said, "Let's go."

I quickly told Steve that if I were still in town the next day I would call him. As Birdie and I began to leave, I said good-bye to Mike and Connie.

I felt guilty about having kept Birdie out so late and I began wondering about her husband. Should I take her home myself or should I send her in a cab? I did not even know where she lived.

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