Dream of: 17 January 1982 (2) "Warm Beer"

I was in the upstairs bathroom of a house in Portsmouth, preparing to leave Portsmouth. While my mother and my sister were standing in the doorway of the bathroom, I took off my pants in front of them. My mother left, but my sister walked into the toilet and said she needed to use it. I told her to go ahead. She pulled down her pants and sat on the commode. She had a small penis.

I walked into the upstairs living room and continued packing. I had three cans of beer I had earlier taken from the refrigerator and which were becoming rather warm. When I pulled the tab on one can, part of the tab came off and part stayed on the can. I took a drink, remembered I had decided to stop drinking, but drank the beer anyway.

I thought of calling Walls and telling him good-bye.

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