Dream of: 17 January 1982 "At The Zoo"

Katherine (a fellow law student at Baylor Law School in Waco, Texas, with whom I had a short romantic interlude) and I had gone to a zoo together. We walked through the bird section and came upon a cage harboring a colorful blue bird. First the bird would walk backwards in the cage, then walked forward to the front and chirp. A couple other birds were also in the cage. We walked on over the sawdust-covered ground and saw other birds in cages. The birds seemed friendly and the tails of some stood up when they cooed. Finally, we came to a turnstile where we had to pay and we exited the bird section.

We came to the elephant section. One elephant began sucking my hand and at one point two baby elephants charged at me. The right tusk of one of the small elephants was broken off. I mounted an elephant that was a darker gray color than the smaller ones. It had both its tusks. As I rode the elephant, I was wearing a cowboy hat, and I held my left hand under my butt. I did an excellent job of riding and when I finished I slid gracefully off its head.

On the other side of the section I saw some pink caskets and I wished I had my camera so I could take pictures.

We continued on to the monkey and ape section where a gorilla charged at me. As Katherine and I walked along she kept holding on to my arm. When I broke away from her, she cried out loudly.

When we reached a lounge area, we sat down on a couch. Katherine began talking and threatened to publish some kind of agreement I had made with her concerning a pair of Levi pants I had given her which had shrunk. I told her I would have her expelled from law school. When Haim (another fellow law student) showed up, I began explaining the agreement to him. He said something about my having been a nice guy for having given the pants to Katherine. I agreed.

Donna (another law student) was sitting on the other side of the room, while a pretty black-haired girl I had seen at law school was sitting next to Katherine. When Katherine finally left, the girl said some funny sarcastic things about the agreement.

I joined back up with Katherine and we lay down together on a park bench. She moved ever closer to me and I told her to put her breast in my mouth. A woman nearby (who seemed to be a law student) began screaming. Katherine wanted to leave. I refused at first but finally gave in.

When I told Katherine I wasn't going to see her anymore, she became quite upset. I wanted to tell her that if she would simply lose 50 pounds, I would see her again, but I didn't know exactly how to say it. Being overweight was obviously her problem.

Another woman, who had overhead me talking to Katherine, said something to Katharine. I asked the woman if she would accompany Katherine home, and as they talked, I slipped away. I walked back to where the gorillas and elephants were. I felt sorry for the larger elephants being in stalls.

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