Dream of: 15 January 1982 "Submerged"

I had gone to a large swimming which reminded me of an Olympic-sized pool. After I had walked up the pool's edge, a man and his wife walked up to me and the man in a friendly way asked me to sit down in a chair beside the pool. I sat down and the man asked me who had cut my hair for me. He asked me if I would like to have my hair washed, shampooed and rolled up in towels. I told him I didn't think I wanted to do that because I thought it would cost too much. But he told me it wouldn't cost anything.

I stood back up and talked to him more about it. He said I would just need to sit back down and it would only take a few minutes. I sat back down in the chair. I knew some particular procedure would be necessary to have my hair done, but I didn't know exactly what it was. He then put what appeared to be a seat belt across my chest, and told me the belt would be used to hold me in while my hair was being done. I was wearing swimming trunks and I had some bruises on my right leg. A large scab was on my right leg near my ankle and some smaller scabs were on my knees where I had skinned my self.

I was still uncertain what was going to be done to me, but I inferred that I was going to be dipped into the water. By some mechanism, the man began raising the chair into the air. He moved the chair out over the water and had the chair turned upside down. Then, through a microphone, he began explaining to an audience that I was going to be held underwater for seven minutes. It was going to be some kind of contest, and also during the seven minutes my hair was going to be washed and shampooed.

The man then lowered me into the water. Fortunately I had a pocket knife in my swimming trunks which I pulled out and began cutting the belt with. I swam back up to the surface, where I could see how surprised the people looked to see me coming back up. I held my pocket knife up in the air.

I pulled myself up onto the concrete along the edge of the pool and said, "These people without even telling me were going to hold me submerged under water. I could have died."

The man's wife said, "You would have had a chance to ring a little bell. You didn't wait till we explained everything. There was a bell you could ring. If you wanted to come up, you rang the bell, then we would have pulled you back up."

I began thinking I knew I wouldn't have been able to hold my breath for seven minutes. But I thought I might have been able to hold my breath for a couple minutes. I thought, "Maybe they would have finished the shampoo quickly. Maybe I should have stayed there for as long as I could instead of coming back up immediately."

As I stood here, some people dove into the water. One fellow ran up as fast as he could and when he hit the water, instead of going under, his head stayed on top of the water, his feet came over behind his head and he skidded across the top of the water.

Other people dive in. There was a deck with different levels on it next to the pool and I went up to about the eighth level. Most people on that level were black. I saw some black girls here and I walked close to them. I thought the girls were attractive and thought I would like to talk with one.

But then I rose and left and began walking around again.

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