Dream of: 14 January 1982 "Crash In The Swamp"

I was playing a game with a new watch which had about 100 different functions on it. Whenever I would press a button a different image would come on the face of the watch. I pressed one function and a television picture appeared on the face. I began watching it. Part of the picture on the screen seemed to be representing some sort of game to travel around from one place to another.

Casey (a law student) and another idiotic fellow were with me. The three of us boarded some kind of flying machine and flew over some swampy areas. The idiot then did something wrong and our machine began going down. We thought we were going to hit the ground, but instead we crashed into a swamp in the water. Casey hurt his leg in the crash and I swam over to him to help him. I managed to pull him up onto land. I couldn't tell what had happened to the idiot.

We had to walk a long ways to get back to where we had been. At first I picked Casey up in my arms and carried him. But finally I put him down. It appeared he was going to be able to walk and we began walking together. We came to some briars and Casey got one of the briars caught in his leg.

I saw a couple of black girls coming toward us.

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