Dream of: 09 January 1982 (3) "Terrifying Horse"

I was sitting in what appeared to be a cafeteria of a court house talking with someone, when a man walked up and began talking with the person with whom I was talking. The man began explaining a legal problem which he had. The problem was a civil matter and it didn't involve much money. The man was obviously poor and he couldn't afford to hire a lawyer. He finally said he had talked with some people at the courthouse and a man had told him he would take care of the problem for him and would only charge him $10. I thought the person who had said he would help the man must be a lawyer who was doing it out of good will, because he obviously wasn't going to be making any money.

I began thinking that if a person was a young lawyer just starting out, that would be a good way to get cases, just hanging around the court house, meeting people and agreeing to handle their cases for them. I thought I could have done that with this very man's case.

The man then said that the name of the person who had promised to help him was Rehnquist. Realizing that William Rehnquist was a Justice on the Supreme Court, I stood up and said, "Well, believe me, you're going to win the case."

I walked away and went to the Gallia County Farmhouse, where I began watching television, on which there was a show about a lawyer who had decided to take some time off and go to a cabin which he had out in the country. On the show the lawyer was sitting in his cabin. I began thinking, "That's what I would like to do with my Cabin, is to go up there and find the time, and take time off."

The lawyer was sitting near the door of the cabin so the lush green foliage outside could be seen through the door. The lawyer was reading something which I at first thought was a law book. But then he began reading aloud and it turned out he was reading a poem which had something to do with an eagle.

The scene on the television shifted to a tree, and showed an animal climbing up the side of a tree. At first I thought the animal was a squirrel, but then realized it was a black eagle. Obviously the man photographing the eagle had been waiting in hiding for the eagle to return. The eagle reached a fork in the tree where there was a nest. When the eagle reached the nest, the head of a baby eagle could be seen inside the nest. The eagle then flew up to one of the branches and sat there.

The lawyer decided to return to the city. He boarded a snazzy-looking, red sports car and began driving. As he drove down the road, an apparition suddenly appeared in the middle of the road. The apparition was colorful and shaped like a triangle. The lawyer swerved in the road to miss the apparition. After he had passed by, the lawyer looked back and nothing was there. He realized it had just been some kind of vision. That somewhat disturbed him, and he didn't know quite what was happening. He drove on a ways through country roads.

Suddenly, he saw a woman in the road walking straight toward him. He swerved again into the other lane and then had to swerve again to miss another sports car coming straight toward him. When he was finally back in his lane, the lawyer looked back; the woman wasn't there. He realized the woman had likewise been a vision.

He drove on. The scene on the television screen then focused on the man in the other sports car whom the lawyer had almost hit. That person was wondering what was wrong with the driver of the car which had almost hit him. The man in the sports car continued on down the road until he arrived at a place where a brick wall was built across the road. The man wondered how the person in the red sports car had managed to come through the brick wall. The man had to turn his car and go back in the direction in which the lawyer was traveling in his sports car.

The lawyer finally made it back to town, and when he arrived at his office, he began telling someone what had happened to him. Meanwhile the screen on the television was beginning to grow dark and dim, so I could no longer see it well.

Also the television was rather peculiar, because it wasn't standing upright but lying down flat so I had to look down on it from above. My step-grandfather Clarence and my grandmother Mabel were in the room with me, and Clarence was lying on a couch on the other side of the room. From where he was lying, he was unable to see the screen of the television. But apparently he was listening to the show, and I asked him if he wanted me to turn the television around so he could see it better. But he told me not to worry about it.

I looked on the wall to see if he could see a reflection of the screen. But there was obviously no reflection on the wall.

Nevertheless I told him I was going to try to get a better picture on the screen. To do that, I had to put my fingers on the screen and move them around. By touching certain parts of the screen, I was able to not only make the picture clearer, I was able to change the channels. As I moved my fingers around on the television, some very colorful pictures came on. One scene came on which showed a terrible battle going on with some Indians attacking some cowboys. Some men were shot with arrows and I saw one man with an arrow shot right through his cheeks and another man had an arrow in his guts. It was quite bloody`.

Horses were also in the scene and one beautiful white horse raised up on its hind legs in the middle of the battle. The horse opened its mouth and revealed long, sharp, white teeth. The teeth were perhaps a third of a meter long and the sight was rather terrifying.

I realized this wasn't the show I had originally been watching and I began moving my fingers around again on the television trying to find the right show. But I couldn't seem to locate the original show again.

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