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Dream of: 09 January 1982 "Studying Hebrew"

Someone else and I had gone to either a bar or restaurant in Portsmouth and had met another fellow there. We sat down and began looking at a large mural on the wall and I commented that it was rather nice. One person with me began criticizing it, until a girl sitting nearby spoke up and said the mural was not yet finished. She apparently was the painter. After she spoke, I noticed that indeed parts of the mural had not yet been finished.

The fellow (whom I had met) and I finally walked outside and began playing football on a field together. We began rolling around and soon we began having some sexual contact.

My father's friend John Roach then came along and he ended up with the fellow. It began raining and John and the fellow began walking around in the rain together. John finally fell in love with the fellow and left with him.

I then went to the Gay Street House and met my father there. After a while John showed up. He told me he was planning to let the fellow move in with him and live upstairs in his house. John asked my father and me what we thought about the idea. We both said we did not think it was a good idea, because if John began to have some kind of sexual relationship with the fellow, the fellow might blackmail John and demand money from him later by saying he would tell John's wife about the relationship.

I had earlier bought a valentine card for my second cousin Jeff Collier. The card had some kind of reference about Jeff's going to France. The next day I went to visit Jeff's family, who lived in New Boston. I walked up to the door and knocked on it. But before anyone could answer the door, my second cousin Keith Collier (Jeff's brother), John,  and the fellow John had been with the day before, all walked up. As it turned out, John was Jeff's father. Apparently, the fellow with John was going to move in the house with them and live in a room upstairs.

John, Jeff, and I sat down on the porch and began talking. Jeff told me he had been accepted at a college in France to study Hebrew. I congratulated him and handed him my valentine which also contained a letter from me. Jeff was quite happy to receive the valentine because apparently no one else had bought him one. He spent quite a long time reading it. Finally, I said, "I bought that valentine before I even knew you was even going to France."

Nevertheless, the valentine had a reference about his going to France.

Jeff folded up the valentine and put it back in his envelope. He seemed quite happy with it.

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