Dream of: 08 January 1982 "Breaking And Entering"

I was riding around in and old car, being driven by a fellow about my age, who was wearing a cowboy hat. We decided to break into someplace and steal something. We rode down an old road along a river bank until we came to a place where four cars were parked. We rode  past the cars until we saw a grey sports car similar to a Corvette. We got out of our car, boarded the grey sports car, and then headed back down the little dirt road we had just been on, all the while planning how to break in somewhere.

We ended up on a crowded street where I thought people were probably impressed by our car. We were planning to break into a small white building which was on the very road where we were. We talked about how the car we were now driving would be able to easily outrun a police car.

We lit up a marijuana joint which we had with us, and as we drove along, it seemed as if the car did not have any doors. We stopped the car and standing outside was a young girl who reminded me of a waitress. When she asked to smoke some of the joint, the other fellow handed it to her. Then a boy outside wanted some of the joint too. The boy took the joint and dropped it as we were moving forward. We started to ride away and I looked back and saw the small remainder of the joint lying on the ground. We backed up to retrieve it. The fellow driving reached out and picked it up from the ground.

We drove on and I thought about how it seemed that more people approached us now that we had the nice new car. It seemed that now they thought we were more important.

Meanwhile I decided I wasn't going to be able to participate in the breaking and entering. I began talking about how it was wrong to be a thief and I accused the other fellow of being low when he stole, even though I continued to think breaking in the building would be interesting since I had never done it before and I liked doing things I had never done. I tried to remember whether when I was a teenager I had ever broken in anywhere and stolen anything. I thought perhaps I had. It seemed as if I used to do things like that, but I was unsure. At any rate, I knew something had happened at one point, and I had stopped. I was now sure that even if I had done it before, I was never going to do it again.

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