Dream of: 07 January 1982 "Not Smoking Junk"

It was night when I stopped by Walls' house, walked in without knocking and seated myself in an armchair in the living room. When Walls' wife Connie (wearing a night-robe) walked into the room, I asked her where Walls was. She said she didn't know, but she added something about his trying to catch a cab to come home but being unable to find one. For all she knew he could return at any time.

The thought crossed my mind that since Walls wasn't there, Connie and I could fool around together, but I quickly discarded the idea. Walls might return at any time.

Joshua (Walls' infant son) was also in the room and he seemed to be enjoying himself playing with a toy gun.

I suddenly heard a loud bang. Connie also heard it and we both became alert trying to figure out what ha caused the noise. The curtains were all pulled back from the windows so anyone could easily see in from outside. All at once the door opened and a man and woman (probably in their late 20s) walked in. At first I thought the man was Walls, but then I realized he was someone I didn't know. He had a gun in his hand. I also had picked up a gun which had been lying on a chair, but my gun seemed a little strange and I was unsure how to use it.

When the fellow quickly put his gun away, I laid mine down. Connie knew the pair and introduced me to them. The man's name was Roger. They were friendly and I shook hands with both the man and woman at the same time.

The woman (carrying a camera) sat down. The thought crossed my mind that they might be narcotics agents.

Roger stood beside me and jokingly said when he had shaken hands with me he had meant to shake my wang. I made a motion as if to unzip my pants and told him he could still shake it. I asked what he would do with it. We were just joking around and we finally sat down.

Connie asked the couple if they wanted to smoke and they said yes. She brought out some hash and a little pipe. She began crumbling up some of the hash on a little table and said she needed a razor to cut it. Roger told the woman to hustle and get one.

I thought I would like to smoke but then remembered I had absolutely decided to stop smoking. I stood up and said, "I'm not smoking any of that junk."

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