Dream of: 03 January 1982 "Impurities"

While Ramey and Walls were visiting me at my Room on North 16th Street in Waco, we decided we would like to take some LSD, and Walls and I left to see if we could find some. We went to a nearby house where a fellow selling a drug on tiny pieces of clear stiff cellophane told us it would cost $10 for three pieces.

I asked him if the LSD was pure or if it contained any impurities. He replied that it didn't have any strychnine in it, but that it definitely had some amphetamine mixed in. That dissatisfied me because I didn't want to take anything impure. He also said it wasn't LSD, but mescaline. I thought mescaline would be fine if it were pure, but I didn't want to take anything containing amphetamine. Nevertheless, I bought three pieces.

The fellow told me that the drug wasn't very strong and that I actually was foolish for paying so much for it. He had started using it simply to wake himself after smoking marijuana. He said that he was able to feel the hallucinogenic effects for a while, but that it simply wasn't very strong.

Walls and I returned to the place where Ramey was waiting. Since it was 12:30 a.m. and I thought it was too late to take the drug, I suggested that we wait until morning. I realized I had four pieces of the drug instead of three, and I planned to take two myself and give one each to Walls and Ramey. However, they didn't want to wait until morning. I told them we would be unable to sleep at all that night and wouldn't be under the full influence of the drug until 3 a.m. However, they insisted and Ramey put his piece of the drug in his mouth. I was unsure what I was going to do.

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