Dream of: 02 January 1982 "Bitten Lip"

While my second cousin Jeff Collier and I were on Chillicothe Street in Portsmouth, we encountered Kim Leitel (a friend whom I first met in Portsmouth in 1977). I wanted to be with Kim for a while and I told Jeff I would see him later. Kim and I walked together toward the Gay Street House, stopped at a large grassy area caddie-cornered to the House and lay down side by side.

I told Kim that I was planning to travel to Mexico and that I would like her to go with me. I told her I realized she might need some security before running off to Mexico in case I might decide to dump her after we got there. I hesitated, sputtered, and finally told her we could get married and she could go as my wife.

Jeff appeared again and I told him I could not talk with him right then; but I did not want to offend him and I told him I would speak with him later.

Kim and I were still lying side by side and I decided to kiss her. I pressed my mouth against hers and suddenly felt her biting my lower lip. I tried to pull away but she clamped down harder. Although she had her teeth tightly embedded in my lip, I could still talk and I started pleading, "Kim, let go of my lip. You're going to bite my whole lip off."

However, she would not let go. I tried to pull away but I could not. Suddenly, she began twisting her whole body around and it looked as if she were going to twist her head so my whole lower lip would be ripped off. I continued to plead with her to let go but she would not. As she twisted, I held onto my lip with my hand and I suddenly snapped free. However, I realized that although I was free from her body, Kim's mouth had twisted right off her face and was still clinging to my lip.

I stepped back from her, muttered something about her being an insane person, and decided to get as far away from her as possible.

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