Dream of: 01 January 1982 "In Church With A Friend"

purity of thought

requires a mind focused

on finding the way 

I had just returned to Waco, Texas after having visited Portsmouth, Ohio. As I was unpacking my bags, Leah (a friend whom I first met in January 1981 when we began classes together at Baylor Law School in Waco) dropped by to see me. After we began talking, she asked me about my dreams. When she told me she would like to read some, I replied, "Actually, I don't have them put together in order yet. I've been trying to put them in order but haven't finished yet."

I did, however, have some dreams written on paper and packed in a nearby clothesbasket. Four different dreams were each packed in a separate part of the clothesbasket and pressed between some clothes. I had been re-typing the dreams, but I hadn't finished any of them completely. I began digging them out of the clothesbasket – I thought Leah could read some of them. I thought she had appeared in one.

Instead, we left. We walked out onto the street and I suddenly thought of some of my dreams in which I had exhibited amorous feelings toward Leah. I hadn't thought about them inside, but I now thought I should have searched for them and let her read those dreams. I said, "Leah, I had three dreams with you in them which really scarred me."

She immediately became interested. She smiled quite a bit as we talked and she seemed very beautiful. She questioned me more closely about the dreams, but I wouldn't say exactly what they had been about. I wanted to tell her, but I was ashamed and afraid she would be terribly angry with me. Finally, she said, "Well, it seems like you liked somebody in your dreams."

I remarked how quickly she had uncovered the truth and I said, "Yes, you."

She didn't seem at all angry. In fact, she seemed flattered and I caught a glimpse of a smile.

We soon found ourselves walking up the stairs of a church. We entered. Before us stretched an aisle down the center between pews on both sides. People were sitting in the pews on the left while the pews on the right were completely empty. Leah and I walked down the aisle a ways, then sat down on a pew on the right side of the aisle. Leah sat very close to me and slipped her arm through mine. She seemed happy to be with me.

The minister was standing in front. He noted our presence and said, "Congratulations, Leah, for winning the talent contest this morning."

Dream Commentary of December 28, 2014

Personal relationships within the Dream Journal web site, as within a church, are central to unlocking the power of the Dream Journal. The most powerful relationships on the Dream Journal would appear to form between those dream-journalists who develop the ability to dream of each other. Those talented dream-journalists who develop their ability to dream of each other appear most likely to experience an exponential increase in the power which the Dream Journal has to offer. It should, however, be noted that dreaming of another dream-journalist should not be confused with the parapsychological concept of dream-sharing or dream telepathy, a phenomenon which has no credible basis in fact, and, as is the case with belief in so many other parapsychological claims, is an impediment to unlocking the power of dreams.

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