Dream of: 16 December 1981 (3) "Fear Versus Fear"

On a movie screen I saw a list of law cases. There were two pages of citations for law cases. One case was a federal case. I continued looking down the list of cases until I saw one styled "Fear versus Fear." Another case was styled "Fear versus (something else)." It looked as if many of the cases had something to do with fear.

I began thinking about fear and it seemed as if I were reading a book or watching a movie. I saw the image of a decrepit man who seemed to have something wrong with him. He seemed to have some humps on his hips. Some exercise music was playing and the man appeared to have been exercising.

Someone in the background was talking about fear. I turned the page and saw the same man, only now in different clothes so his deformities were somewhat covered up. He had been exorcised and looked somewhat better. I turned the page again and saw that he looked even better. Something was obviously still wrong with him, but he had managed to hide it.


I next saw a scene as if on a movie. A woman said something to the effect that if you are taking a shower in the morning and shots fly by you, then you are not unprotected.

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