Dream of: 16 December 1981 (2) "Evil Ghost"

I had left the room and was driving on a road. A car pulled up behind me and followed me. Actually, it seemed more as if I were watching a movie about a man driving a car, and about a car which was following him. The camera focused in on the lead car. Besides the man driving the car, a man wearing a hood was sitting in the back seat. Although his face was almost completely covered by the hood, part of his face could be seen, and it was completely white. He almost looked like an evil ghost.

While the conductor (who resembled me) continued driving on the road, it became clear that the car behind him was going to do something. Finally the car in the rear pulled up beside the car in front. Two people in the rear car pulled out guns. They didn't actually want to shoot the driver of the lead car, they just wanted to scare him. Finally the rear car pulled around in front of the lead car and bumped into it. The driver in the lead car swerved, then continued down the road.


Three men were standing in the road ahead of the car. One was pouring gasoline on the road to try to cause cars to wreck. Another man lay down on the road as if he had been in a car accident. When the driver of the car saw them, he thought, "This is funny because there's no traffic around here."

It looked as if the men in the road were preparing an ambush.

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