Dream of: 16 December 1981 "Unplugged Phone"

I was living in Mexico where I was attending a school. Although the place where I lived had two large wings and reminded me of a castle, my room was quite ugly, and I didn't like living there. I decided to look for another place to live and found a small room which measured about two by two and a half meters. Another fellow was also living in the room, and he reminded me of someone I knew named Marvin. Since we were in Mexico, I was uncertain he would speak English. When I discovered that he spoke English perfectly, I concluded that we could live in the room together.

The phone rang in the next room and the fellow went to answer it. The fellow talked for a while on the phone, and when he returned, he told me it had been my father, and that he (the fellow) had told my father I was thinking of moving into the room with him (the fellow). That made me angry, because I didn't want my father to know anything about my business.

I myself got on the phone, called my father, and told him that I needed some money. Although I didn't really want to move into the new room, I told my father about it. My father said things had begun to be quite expensive and he mentioned something about my finding a job. I responded sarcastically, "I cannot get a job, and continue to study 18 hours a day in law school."

But then I added, "Well, I can go out and get a job."

I didn't know if I wanted to continue studying in law school. Thinking I could go out and find a job, I reminded my father that he had previously told me I wouldn't have to worry about money while I was in law school, that somehow he would take of that, and that I shouldn't even concern myself about it. I told him I didn't have any money now, and I had to start thinking about working.

I continued by saying I didn't want to live in this small room. Suddenly, however, I realized the phone connection had been broken. I looked at the tangled phone cord which had come loose from the wall. Looking more closely, I saw a small baby playing with the unplugged cord.

When I picked up the baby and put it over to the side, some other people in the room began looking strangely at me. I plugged the phone back in, but it was too late. I only heard static on the line. Clearly my father had already hung up.

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