Dream of: 15 December 1981 "All The Truths"

I was sitting in the front row of the classroom at Baylor Law School where I had taken my Property classes. The class was full, but the professor hadn't yet arrived. Instead of benches in the room, there were desks. My desk was turned facing a desk where Donna was sitting. As she and I talked, I felt a strong need to urinate. I reached under the desk and pulled out my penis, thinking I would urinate a little right here just to relieve the pressure. After some of the urine had come out, Donna looked at me with an incredulous smile on her face and said, "You peed on me."

I looked down at her leg and shoe, saw they were wet and said, "Oh no."

I pulled my penis back into my pants, zipped up my pants and said, "Oh, I'm terribly sorry."

I stood up; I felt as if everyone in the class knew what had happened; but apparently they didn't know.

McSwain walked into the room and onto the stage in the front of the room. Donna joined him on the stage and asked him if he wanted a Christmas card. As I began walking toward the door in the back of the room, I heard McSwain say he didn't want a Christmas card. Which set me to thinking if everyone in the room were to donate fifty cents for a card, about thirty dollars could be collected. Thirty dollars could buy a nice present. A collection could be taken in every class to buy a present for every professor. Should I try to undertake such a collection?

As I was walking toward the door, it seemed as if I were pulling the electric cord for a vacuum sweeper. When I reached the door and stepped out, I let the cord go. The cord automatically pulled back. As I shut the door behind me, I heard a snapping sound in the classroom from the cord. I also heard someone in the class say, "What was that?"

Once outside in the hall, I stooped over to listen through the vents in the door, to see if anyone was talking about my having urinated in the room. I listened for a minute, but didn't hear anything. I had left my books in the classroom, but I wasn't going to go back inside the room until the class was over.

As I waited for the class to end, a man who looked as if he were a sheriff walked around the corner from the direction of the front door of the school. He had two small brown dogs with him.

I turned my eyes from the man as students began walking out of the classroom; when I looked again for the man, one of his dogs was hanging in mid-air in front of a door which led to a ladies restroom. The sheriff walked up the stairs with the other dog, apparently going to the restroom upstairs.

Donna walked up beside me. Referring to the dog hanging in mid-air, I said, "Look at that."

We both stared at the dog, unable to understand how it could be hanging in mid-air. I thought the dog might be a watch dog. Finally the dog seemed to just slide down to the floor. The door to the restroom opened and a girl walked out. Just as the door was about to shut, the dog slipped inside the restroom. I couldn't understand what the dog was doing. I wanted to go in the restroom to see what was going on, but Donna didn't want to.

I turned to another person in the hall and began talking about the United States Constitution. I began reciting what seemed like a poem about the Constitution. When I was close to the end of the poem, I said something like, "Although the students, although they do not necessarily believe in all the truths that herein stand ... "

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