Dream of: 13 December 1981 (3) "Dancing On The Counter"

Another fellow and I were in a car which I was driving. We had drunk considerable alcohol together. I pulled into a carry out, got out of the car and walked inside, where I ordered a fifth of vodka. But I had a difficult time pronouncing the word "vodka" and the woman said, "You had a hard time pronouncing that didn't you?"

I thought she was implying that I was having difficulty pronouncing the word because I wasn't old enough to buy alcohol. I replied, "No. Do you want to see my ID. I'm 29 years old."

I then asked her how much the vodka would cost. She told me it would be $12.97 and then she went back to find a bottle for me. I followed her until she walked into a back room. I waited for her beside a counter.

She brought out a bottle of the brand name "Dewar's" which only contained 19 ounces. After looking at the bottle, I decided to take it. But then I asked her if she had a full fifth or a full quart. I went ahead and paid her the $12.97. Then she told me she did have some other bottles of a brand called something like "Albert's." She told me it would be the same price.

After she walked into the back room again, I climbed up on two stools beside the counter and finally onto the counter and began dancing around. Another fellow was in the room watching me. Finally I knocked over a bottle of pop sitting on the counter. I jumped down from the counter and caught the bottle, but not before some of the pop had spilled out. The woman came back into the room and I was afraid I had spilled some of the pop on her new linoleum. I couldn't see the floor well because it was rather dark behind the counter, but I said, "No, no. I'm sure this is the section where the linoleum hadn't been put down yet."

She then turned on the light and we saw that the pop indeed had fallen on a section of the floor where the linoleum hadn't yet been put down.

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