Dream of: 13 December 1981 "The Unbridgeable Gulf"

Late at night, I was relating one of my dreams to someone. The dream had been quite spiritual. It had seemed as if God had been talking and communicating with me. Although the person to whom I was relating the dream and I seemed to be sitting in chairs outside on the street, living room furniture was arranged all around us, as if we were inside a house. As I continued recounting my dream, my father abruptly walked out of his bedroom, visibly angered by what I was doing, and aggressively approached me.

I immediately rose, moved close to him and told him I thought God communicated with me through my dreams. At the same time, I reached out my hands and pulled him so close to me that our faces were practically touching we were staring at each other right in the eye. As I relentlessly stared at my father's disapproving face, I felt as if God were speaking to me even now, that God was trying to communicate to my father through me. I said, "There's a great gulf between you and me. The way God communicates to me is through my dreams. And there's nothing that you can do about that."

My father replied, "There's a great unbridgeable gulf between us."

Releasing my hold of my father, I backed away and sat down. I told my father it was possible that God didn't communicate to him through his dreams. My father, who had also sat down, mumbled something, and then grunted, "Well, go on."

I explained further that if God didn't communicate to my father through his dreams, perhaps God communicated with him during my father's waking moments.

But my father didn't seem particularly interested in what I had to say. He finally rose, retraced his steps to his room and went to bed. After he had departed, I continued thinking about my dream. Wanting to record it on a tape recorder which I had with me, I stood and looked behind the couch for an electrical socket into which I could plug the recorder.

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