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Dream of: 12 December 1981 "Mental Telepathy"

I was showing Bertie Roe-Boggs (a Portsmouth, Ohio acquaintance whom I met around 1977) a trick by which I could hold my fingers in a certain way so that one of my fingers appeared to be cut in half. But I wasn't doing the trick correctly and she couldn't really tell what it was supposed to look like. Bertie began doing some tricks with her hands, moving her hands around. Apparently she was trying to do the same trick, but was unsuccessful. She didn't seem to know what she was doing. Finally she said, "Oh, I didn't do it right."

I sat quietly until I began to think I was able to perform real magic with my hands. In fact, it seemed that one of my hands came out of my mouth. Bertie, however, didn't see anything. I sat back still and quiet and shut my eyes. Bertie also continued sitting there.

I seemed to sense my brother Chris nearby; I seemed to be communicating to him through some kind of mental telepathy. I wanted Bertie to close her eyes and also try communicating with him.

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