Dream of: 02 December 1981 "Plastic Elephant"

I was in a house which reminded me of the House in Patriot. I wanted to take a bus to the Gallia County Farmhouse (the home of my paternal step-grandfather Clarence and my paternal grandmother Mabel) about 15 kilometers away and I was trying to find the phone number of the bus station in Chillicothe, Ohio so I could obtain the bus information. I couldn't remember the number for information, so I simply dialed "0" and the operator came on the line.

When I asked the operator the number for the bus station, she couldn't seem to find it, but she told me the bus ticket would cost a little over five dollars. I still wanted the phone number of the bus station because I wanted to find out what time the bus was leaving. I thought I would first have to take a bus to Chillicothe and travel from Chillicothe to Gallipolis. Then I would have Clarence and Mabel come to Gallipolis to fetch me.

It was already about 4:30 p.m. and I didn't know whether I would have enough time to reach the bus station. The operator seemed to be taking a very long time. I must have waited 10 minutes on the phone, but she simply couldn't find the number. When I finally asked her if I could call back and talk to another operator, she responded, "Yes."

I hung up. My mother was standing at the kitchen sink washing dishes. I looked through the back window over the sink and noticed the view was of the Swiver's house across the street instead of the normal view into the back yard. Suddenly I saw what appeared to be a falling star except it rose from the ground into the air and then fell back to the ground again. I didn't know what to think. I couldn't imagine what it could have been.

The sky began filling up with what appeared to be bombs, blasts and fireworks. Had a war begun? My mother was suddenly convinced atomic bombs were being dropped. I said, "No. There wouldn't be that many of them. If there were a war it wouldn't be like that."

I still couldn't figure out what was going on. I walked outside; several people were in the road. A person was walking toward me from the direction of the blasts; I asked him what had happened and he said a plane had crashed.

By now only one large billow of smoke was rising from one spot. I thought, "The plane must have had some armaments on it or something."

After walking back into the house, I decided I wanted to go and see the crash. I got my brother Chris (crippled with muscular dystrophy) and my uncle George (my mother's brother, crippled with polio) and put them into a little red car. Some other fellows from the neighborhood also boarded the car. Even though the car was mine, I climbed into the back seat and let somebody else drive, and we took off down the road.

We rode for a while until I finally decided to drive. I exchanged places with the driver and began driving. George, sitting next to me on my right, was crowding me so much I could barely drive. My leg also seemed to be going numb. Suddenly George started shaking and appeared to be having an epileptic fit. Then he began singing loudly.

When we reached a place which reminded me of Shawnee State Forest (in southern Ohio), the road turned into a dirt road and I continued down it. I saw some guard rails and when I finally spotted some parked cars, I thought we must be getting close to the crash site. I pulled up behind some cars and parked. I suddenly realized Chris and George weren't going to be able to go and see the wreck since they were both crippled. I was going to have to leave them in the car.

The rest of us got out and headed in the direction of the plane which was still a ways back in the woods. As we started walking, we found other roads in the woods and I realized we could have probably driven closer had I known the roads were there. We walked down dirt roads and even walked on one concrete road.

When we reached the crash site, the fire was no longer burning. I walked over to the plane and stepped inside which was very white inside. The hull of the plane (broken in places) looked as if it were six or seven centimeters thick. It was even difficult to tell it was a plane. The hull resembled Styrofoam except it was hard like cement.

As I walked into one little room of the plane which was completely empty, I thought, "Well, everything has been burned out."

I walked into another room about the same except in this room a black man was on top of what appeared to be an old freezer which he was trying to open. He pounded on it until it finally opened.

My father was also there. He and I both looked into the freezer. In the section in which we were looking it looked as if nothing were there. But my father reached inside and said, "Well here's a gun."

He pulled out an old gun which looked as if it had been burned up. At first I thought the gun was real, but when I looked at it more closely, I discovered it to be a small, gray, plastic, squirt gun.

I looked into another section of the freezer and saw things which hadn't been burned. There were some paper sacks which the black man began going through. There was also some cloth which looked like darning material. I thought the sacks had probably belonged to the stewardesses who were all dead now.

It looked as if the black man was going to take some of the things. When a crowd began gathering around the box, I thought, "These people are actually going to start taking this stuff."

A couple sacks had some nice women's shoes in them. One woman in the crowd said the shoes probably cost about $35 and she began going through the sack. I thought, "Well they're just going to take all that stuff."

Apparently it was all right for them to take it, but I didn't want anything. I foraged about in the box a bit and saw a long slender leather satchel. I pulled it out and unzipped it. Inside I found a pretty, stringed instrument. I thought it was a mandolin. I plucked a few of the strings; it sounded great. Other people were looking at it. I put the instrument back into the satchel, zipped it up and thought, "Well I'm just going to keep this myself."

I walked off into another room of the plane where I found some little statues sitting on a table, including many intricately carved ivory statues. I put some in my pocket. Then I found some larger statues. I thought, "I'll get this for my mother."

I also thought I would give one to Chris and some to other people. As I began rounding up statues which I could give to people, I looked around for a box in which to put the statues. I found a little box and put the statues in it.

I next found a long wooden frame designed to hold plants. It was filled with flowers. It was about ten centimeters wide and two meters long. Carved ivory elephants were attached to the edges of the frame. I thought, "Well somebody will even take that eventually."

Inside the frame, sitting in the flowers I found another carved elephant. I picked it up; it also appeared to be made of ivory. I thought perhaps I would take it. But I looked closer and saw it was actually made of plastic so I put it back.

After looking around and taking a few more things, I walked into another room which had hard wood on the flooring, walls and ceiling which hadn't been burned. It was completely empty but it appeared perfectly normal. I said, "But why is it that none of this stuff has been burned out if this plane burned up?"

Then I thought, "Because this is a dream. I'm dreaming now."

That satisfied me so I continued looking at things.

My father and I finally decided to leave. So many people were now flocking in, the crowd was becoming oppressive. Everyone was trying to get as much as they could. I thought that they were all scavengers and that I myself was a scavenger, but I thought everything we were doing was perfectly legal.

We began thinking since so many people were now coming in, some policemen would probably soon appear. Thinking the police might even try to take the stuff away from us, we decided to circle over top of a hill and then come down by our car from the other side so nobody would see us.

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