Dream of: 30 November 1981 (2) "Chamber De Bain"

It was about 10 minutes until 8 o'clock on Monday morning; I was preparing to go to my Remedies class at Baylor Law School. My mother, with whom I was living, was preparing a couple hot dogs made out of hamburger for me; when they were ready, she gave me one.

I unzipped my pants, stuck the hot dog inside and zipped my pants back up. Then I turned to my mother, unzipped my pants again and acting as if I were pulling out my penis, pulled out the hot dog and said, "Look here."

When she looked, I realized I had actually pulled out my erect penis; the hot dog was still in my pants.

I continued trying to get ready for school. It was already five till eight and it took me 10 minutes to get to school. I was going to be late and I didn't want to walk into Remedies class late. Besides, I hadn't read much of the lesson for today. I thought perhaps I would simply skip class; perhaps I could later find someone to give me their notes.

It was pouring the rain outside. I lay back down for a few minutes and listened to the rain. It was raining so hard I thought quite a few people probably wouldn't make it to class. But then I thought perhaps I would just go and be late. I couldn't seem to make up my mind what to do.

I decided to go; I left for the school. As I drove I thought, "Well I'm not going to go to class. I'm just going to go to the main library on campus and study remedies for about an hour. Well, I have a Constitutional law class later in the day. I might just study Constitutional law instead. "

I was undecided.

I reached campus and walked into a building. As I walked along I came to a shower room. I heard both a male and female voice behind the door to one of the showers. The female voice sounded like a girl named Mary who had lived in the same boarding house as me in the fall of 1981. The door was cracked several centimeters and I looked inside the shower. Both people inside were naked. I thought, "Well this seems a little bit strange for Baylor."

I continued on and walked through a long room which contained a long series of pools of about six by six meters which had showers over them. Groups of nude people, both male and female, were in the pools. The room itself seemed cold, but it looked as if the water was warm.

All the people were quite thin; they reminded me of people who had been in Nazi concentration camps. The girls were huddled up; they tried to cover their breasts. I walked along, looking at everyone, not attracted to any of the women.

I entered a large auditorium where a rock concert was in progress. Probably 200 people were gathered here, even though the concert wasn't supposed to begin until the next day.

In an area in the back some people were sitting on stone benches. The people looked like real hippies. I sat down with them, turned to someone near me and said, "People here are real freaks aren't they. Everybody here is a freak, aren't they."

One fellow near me had a bad case of acne on his face. A girl walked up and began talking. She spoke in French and said something about the "chamber de bain." I assumed she was talking about the room with the pools and showers I had walked through earlier. She continued talking in French with someone; I thought, "Well, at least there's some foreign people here."

I rose and walked toward the front row, where Randle (a law student) was sitting. I asked him, "What's happening about Remedies class?"

He told me he wasn't taking Remedies. I asked him what time he had Constitutional law and he said he had the fourth one; but I knew he was putting me on, because there were only two Constitutional law classes.

I walked back to about the fifth or sixth row and sat down by some other people. I asked a girl sitting next to me when the concert was supposed to begin and she said, "Tomorrow."

A warm-up group was supposed to begin in about an hour. Suddenly we heard some music playing outside; it sounded quite nice. I sat here debating to myself whether I should be in law school in the first place. Perhaps I should just be listening to music and learning how to play it.

The warm-up group walked onto the stage and began playing. The people in the audience jumped straight up and hollered, "No! No!"

But the band continued playing. I likewise stood up. The people headed to a window to our left so they could hear the group which was playing outside. Most people marched outside. Randle was there amongst them; another fellow was staying close to him. I talked to Randle for a minute and then he walked back to about the second row and sat back down. I was going to go sit next to him, but the other fellow ran up and sat next to him. So I sat next to the fellow sitting next to Randle.

I talked to Randle for a while longer and finally became tired of the situation. I rose and began walking around. I walked down some halls inside the auditorium. Two black fellows seemed to be following me. At first I was apprehensive. I had my billfold in one pocket and some other bills in my left pocket.

Suddenly they came right up to me, and  one reached out and grabbed my billfold, which apparently had been sticking out of my pocket a bit. He looked at it and then pushed it back into my pocket without taking anything. Then they tackled me. I tried to fight them off. I didn't see any weapons but I thought one of them had a knife.

I began screaming. They tried and tried to get the bills in my pocket but couldn't seem to get a hold of them. Suddenly we heard a siren; someone had called the police. One of the black fellows, who was wearing a blue coat, ran off. I grabbed the other one and forced him to the ground.

A big man who looked like a policeman showed up. But he just stood there and watched. I was holding the black fellow on the ground with his face to the ground. I spoke to the policeman and said, "He just tried to rob me."

I began explaining to the policeman what had happened and asked him to help me. I asked him if he had any handcuffs and he said, "Yea."

He walked over to us and I said, "Well put the handcuffs on him."

But the policeman began arguing with me and told me if I didn't shut up he would put the handcuffs on me. He said, "I'm going to put the handcuffs on you instead."

I replied, "I was the one that was just robbed."

I was holding the black guy's hands behind his back. The policeman reached over with the handcuffs and slipped them on the wrists of the black guy. We pulled the black fellow up on his feet with his hands handcuffed behind his back. The policeman then wrapped some chains around the black man's neck and face. The black man looked like a slave.

Some black people began congregating around us. As the policeman and I marched off with our prisoner, I was worried the black people were going to follow us. We walked for a while until we were in the street; suddenly we heard some sirens; a large fire truck was coming around the corner. A fireman jumped out and said the area was off limits for the policeman because they were afraid the presence of the police would cause trouble with all the black people here. The fireman said they had been sent in place of the police to handle the situation.

I said, "Well I've got this guy and the other one escaped."

As we put our prisoner onto the fire truck, I said, "The other one went in that direction. Let's see if we can catch him."

The fire truck, once I was inside, seemed more like a bus. The black guy and I stood near the front close to the driver while most of the firemen were sitting in seats in the bus.

We started driving down the road. Soon we passed a green house on my right and I thought, "That's where Altizer lives." (Altizer was a classmate in the fourth and fifth grades).

In the front yard of the house was a woman who looked as if she had been attacked. Several people were gathered around her. I thought, "That's Altizer's mom."

In the door of the house stood a black fellow with a blue shirt on. We continued on down the street; I thought, "I bet that was that guy that attacked me. He's come there and attacked her."

We had driven all the way to the next block before I told the driver what I thought. I asked him if he could circle back around the block. He turned around. We had to go uphill going back. Finally we reached the top of the hill, went on around the block and came back on the street we had been on. I looked at the houses on the right. We drove past all the houses but no one was in front of any now. I knew the incident there was now over. I didn't know what to make of it.

We drove on and started back down the hill. I began looking at the black fellow who was now sitting down on the floor. I thought, "This guy is going to have to go to jail."

He murmured something; I had the impression he was indicating he would get me if I pressed charges. I decided I was going to press charges anyway. But when I did so, I was going to give the address of the Gay Street House (where my father lived) rather than the address of the 29th Street House (where my mother lived) so if he tried to get me he would go to the Gay Street House rather than to the 29th Street House. I didn't want anything to happen to my mother. My father could probably handle it.

I looked up; we had reached a certain point where we came out onto a wooden ramp. We were about three stories above the ground below us. The ramp came to a dead end. The only way for the bus to get off the ramp was to make a sharp turn to the left. I got out of the bus and climbed down the ramp on a ladder to the ground. I wondered how the bus driver was going to negotiate the turn.

Suddenly I looked up and saw the bus had driven off the end of the ramp. I thought for sure it was going to crash to the ground. But instead it floated around in a large circle in the air. Somehow the bus driver could control its descent, even though at times the descent was rather jerky; finally the bus came full circle and softly landed on the ground.

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