Dream of: 30 November 1981 "Rat Trap"

My sister, my first cousin Alan and I were in a tiny building about two meters square, floating above the clouds high off the ground, trying to decide how we were going to land. We didn't want the landing to be rough and we didn't want to crash when we landed.

I lowered myself out the door, held on to the edge of the building and used the building as a parachute. The air flowed into the building and held me up. My sister did the same thing, but Alan stayed inside the building.

We descended rapidly at first, but then slowed down, passing through thick clouds. I could see the land approaching and I feared the landing would be rough, but somehow, after passing through the roof and ceiling, we landed right in the back room of the House in Patriot.

My sister and I were unharmed. We stood up and began looking for Alan, but we couldn't find him. I thought, "Oh no, he fell out."

We ran outside and found Alan -- he had landed and sprained his foot. Someone was helping him onto the back porch. We helped him inside where he lay down on the floor.

After my sister and I walked into the kitchen and found my mother, we sat down and began talking with her. My sister began walking around and soon I noticed that she had taken off all her clothes. She had a cover over her at first, but then she pulled it off and was completely nude.

I also had taken off my clothes, lain down and pulled a cover over me. I pulled one of my legs out from beneath the cover and thought about standing up in front of everyone, but instead, I put my clothes back on and stood up.

My sister had psoriasis all over her body; it was quite terrible. A large scab was on her leg close to her pubic region.

I told my sister that her psoriasis was a dietary problem, that if she would strictly discipline her diet according to the regimen of certain doctors, she could completely cure herself. She looked dubious; I said, "Well, the least you could do would be to try it."

A large overweight man walked up to her and looked at her. He saw the psoriasis on her body, but it didn't seem to bother him. My sister left the room.

It was becoming late. When I noticed the odor of something burning, I walked outside and saw the Swiver's house across the street on fire, practically burnt out. The walls were still standing, but fire was still in the house. Few people were watching and apparently the fire was almost over. My grandmother Leacy was standing nearby. I walked over to her and I said, "Well, this is a terrible thing."

When she kept looking across the street at the house, I asked her if any furniture had been saved. Someone answered that all the furniture had been saved except a bed upstairs.

I saw a water pump out back. A boy (about 16-17 years old) pounded on the pump until he broke it off and water began gushing out.

My mother said the well was just a rat trap. It was caved in and just had boards over it. I asked, "Well, were there really rats in it?"

She said she wouldn't go so far as to say that.

The old burned-down house was a desolate sight.

Katherine (a law student) was walking around near us. She walked past me into the House and into the back room where Alan was. I was planning to leave soon, but I followed her into the room.

I grabbed her butt. My father, sitting nearby, saw me and smiled.

Alan was asleep. I told Katherine to go upstairs. Suddenly Alan turned over and looked at us. At first I didn't want Alan to know what we were doing, but then I said to Katherine, "Well, just go on up anyway."

She went upstairs and I followed her. She lay down on the bed. She was wearing a white top and a pair of short cut-off jeans. She said, "Well, lay it on me."

She spread her legs. Her jeans were so short, I could see her pubic hairs.

I said, "This'll take a minute."

I pulled down my pants. I had about half an erection. I climbed on top of her and hunched her a bit until I had a full erection. I began trying to insert and succeeded. I began rapidly going up and down. Her head bobbed around; she was obviously as happy as she could be.

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