Dream of: 27 November 1981 "Nuclear Contamination"

I was in the front seat of a car being driven through a mountainous area by Altizer (a classmate from the fourth grade) while my father was sitting in the back seat. As we rode along, I looked at a map which showed the major rivers of the United States. The map also showed small round circles where power plants were located in the United States. Sixteen nuclear power plants were in the United States, but two hadn't been completed, so only fourteen were in operation. I looked looking at the rivers flowing into the Mississippi; altogether nine power plants were on the Mississippi, the Missouri and the Ohio Rivers.

I pointed out to Altizer that all nine power plants dumped their waste into the Mississippi and the tributaries of the Mississippi. Therefore the area at the mouth of the Mississippi was probably a dangerous place to live. I thought New Orleans must be contaminated and unsafe. Probably only poor people lived there. I mentioned that I wasn't exactly sure what nuclear waste would do to a person, but I thought the effects would take time to be felt and wouldn't be immediate.

I noticed that some small islands were in the area of the Gulf of Mexico near the mouth of the Mississippi. The name of one of the islands was "Whale."

Altizer was driving too fast and as we went around a curve he swerved into the oncoming lane. He swerved back just in time to miss hitting the other car. I told him to take it easy because he was going too fast.

We continued traveling along mountain ridges, until we came to a section of the road which had steep cliffs on both sides. Along the road on both sides was a white railing. Altizer went along a curve and clipped a few of the posts on the railing on my side of the car. He then lost control of the car and it swerved around sideways, barely staying on the road on my side. Suddenly the car shot across the road to his side, went through the railing and out into the air. I happened to notice trees on the sides of the mountain. Most leaves on the trees were brown, but the leaves at the very tops were bright red.

We began flying toward the ground, which I could see coming up toward us.

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