Dream of: 26 November 1981 (2) "Big Toe"

While in the back seat of a car being driven by Kay, I decided to change from a pair of blue jeans to a pair of cutoff jeans so I could go swimming in a nearby lake. As Kay continued driving along while I changed pants, I noticed her glancing at me. Finally, completely nude from the waist down, I jumped into the front seat and finished putting on the cutoffs. Kay kept looking at my penis, obviously quite interested in what she saw.

We reached the lake and rode beside the lake on our right. Looking across the lake, I could see a picnic area on the other side. The area was cluttered with many pop bottles. One carton contained four bottles of orange soda which hadn't even been opened. A quart bottle of coke looked as if only about a tenth of it had been drunk, while a quart bottle of Seven-Up was about nine tenths full. After I noticed even more bottles of unopened pop, I told Kay that we should ride over there to get the pop and that I could then sell the bottles.

Looking for a bridge across the lake, we turned down a little road. We drove right up to a small bridge which turned out to be a small foot bridge with a sign which said, "No autos allowed."

Kay stopped the car, and she and I stepped out for a moment. We then climbed back into the car, Kay in the driver's seat and I in the middle of the front seat. As we rode away, Kay laid her arm on my leg.

We were looking for my father, who was somewhere nearby, although I didn't know exactly where. When we finally reached a house where my father was living, Kay stopped the car. She and I stepped out of the car and entered the house (I had never been there before). After we walked into a room where my father was, Kay and I sat down next to each other on a couch. I leaned back and she slipped her arm underneath me. Her hand came out under my shoulder -- obviously she was trying to reach for my hand. I thought my father noticed it.

Finally Kay rose and walked out of the room to go to a store across the street for something. After Kay had departed, my father asked me how Kay and I had been getting along. When I failed to respond, he asked, "Has she been trying to grab your hand?"

I still didn't say anything. He said that he wanted Kay and me to get along well together, that he liked seeing us together. He intimated that he was growing tired of her and that I should go ahead and have sex with her if I wanted. He said he had recently even been in bed with her and he hadn't wanted to have sex with her. I said, "Well I don't want to take Kay away from you."

He didn't say much else about it; instead he began talking about some plastering he was having done on the walls of the New Boston House. He said he had intended to sell the House, but the buyer hadn't been satisfied with the wall plastering. The buyer (a wall plasterer himself) had said that he himself could have done a better job.

After my father picked up the phone and began talking with someone, Kay walked back into the room -- she hadn't yet gone to the store. Apparently she had taken a pill, because she looked as if she were under the influence of a drug. She was wearing a nightgown which opened up so I could see her pubic area. I was lying on the couch. As Kay also sat down on the couch, she placed her pubic area right on my big toe. When I began sticking my big toe into her vagina, she seemed to enjoy what I was doing. I continued for a minute or so, until she finally stood and decamped. A couple pubic hairs were still hanging on my big toe.

I didn't feel guilty about what I had done, because although I had told my father I wasn't going to have anything to do with Kay, I knew he didn't care if I did.

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