Dream of: 26 November 1981 "Car Accident"

While I was driving a car from Columbus to Portsmouth, Ohio, I came to a traffic light at an intersection where I had a green light. As I turned at the intersection, a woman driver hit the side of my car with her car. We both immediately pulled off the road and I alighted from my car. Three other cars were stopped at the red light and I motioned to the drivers to pull over. I wanted them as witnesses. All three did pull over.

Through my I looked at the license plates of the cars which had pulled over. After the witnesses stepped out of their cars, we gathered together on the patio of a house. When one witness began relating what he thought had happened, I began writing down his words. He described the two cars as "Car A" and "Car B" as he recounted the accident. When I finally lost track of what he was saying, I handed him the pencil and paper and told him to write it down himself. In the meantime I said, "Well we're going to have to call the police."

When the woman who lived in the house where we were standing walked outside to where we were, I asked her if we could use her phone. She replied, "Sure."

I saw the phone, which was beige. I picked up a telephone book and looked for the number but had a difficult time finding it. Finally I found two listings for the police. One of the listings was for "Cleveland County Police" and the number was 3420. I wondered if I had made a mistake and had headed toward Cincinnati when I had left Columbus. I didn't remember any county called Cleveland between Columbus and Portsmouth.

The first witness finally finished writing and put down the pencil and paper. I asked another man what he thought had happened. He said he thought the plaintiff was in the wrong. I asked him which of us he thought was the plaintiff. He said I was the plaintiff. I said, "Oh, and why did you think that?"

He said I had taken the inside lane and I shouldn't have done that. As he talked I thought I had had the right to take any lane I wanted.

The woman who had hit me was a little, white-haired lady. She was sitting near us and I asked her what she thought. She thought I had had the right to take any lane I wanted and that the accident was her fault. She thought she had been a little to precipitous when she had come through the light.

By now I myself was confused and I couldn't remember exactly what had happened. I began to think there was something wrong with me because I couldn't remember.

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