Dream of: 24 November 1981 (2) "Western Frontier"

My daughter, my wife and I were living in a little ranch house during the time when the western frontier of the United States was being settled. It seemed that the son of an Indian chief in our area had been killed and we expected to be attacked by the Indians. I scurried about preparing for the attack.

Soon I saw a group of Indians coming toward the house. I began breaking out some windows so I would be able to shoot the Indians. My wife became upset because she didn't want me to break out the windows. I told her to keep loading the rifles for me so I could shoot with them. When I looked outside, I saw hundreds of screaming Indians on horseback swarming around the house shooting at us.

Suddenly a horse with an Indian on it jumped right through the window. Two more Indians on horses followed through the window. The three Indians jumped from the horses and attacked my wife. I turned around and shot one Indian in the back of the head. I quickly reloaded my rifle and shot a second Indian. Only one Indian remained in the house. I ran over, grabbed him and wrestled him to the ground. I pulled a knife out of his belt and stabbed him with his own knife.

It grew dark and the attack stopped. I looked outside wondering if the Indians would attack during the night. Finally I closed the shutters because it didn't look as if the Indians were going to attack in the night.

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