Dream of: 24 November 1981 "Wrapped In Kites"

While I had been in a large prison, a massive jail break occurred and all the prisoners escaped. Thousands of prisoners ran from the jail until they reached a gigantic cliff about 20 meters high which they had to jump down. At the bottom of the cliff they found themselves in a valley. They raced on along the valley towards a large hill.

Apparently they were trying to reach a large woods which stretched far away in all directions. The prisoners ran up the hill toward the woods.

Meanwhile guards began organizing back in the jail to go after the escaped prisoners. The guards were gathering together guns. They also had some kites made of a plastic material which resembled garbage bags which they began flying. Somehow the kites were supposed to help the guards recapture the prisoners.

I raced off with the escaped prisoners. It was cold and snow was on the ground. We didn't have much clothing. As we were going through the woods, we saw some of the kites in the trees. We took some out of the trees and wrapped them around us to help keep us warm. We also found some white trench coats which we forthwith put on.

Paul (the older brother of my friend Weinstein) was among the guards. He was an excellent marksman and he was shooting quite a few of the prisoners. But when a prisoner was shot, he wasn't actually killed. He was simply thereby returned to the custody of the guards.

Many of us continued on through the forest up one hill and down another. One woman was with us who appeared to be around 25 years old. She was quite beautiful. She wore a green sweater over two gorgeous breasts.

Paul  had overtaken us. As the girl struggled up a hill, Paul got her in his sights. He could shoot someone with his gun from a long distance. He shot her and was thereby able to capture her.

Paul was able to look through his sights and line a person up on a vertical and a horizontal plane. Then he could shoot them from far away.

Haim was also one of the prisoners. I saw him late at night when it became cold; he was trying to pull a kite from one of the trees.

I later heard that over 1,000 escaped prisoners were still unaccounted for. I continued on through the woods with a group of prisoners. We were all wearing white coats and tried to stay together. We seemed to know more what we were doing than most of the other escaped prisoners.

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