Dream of: 22 November 1981 "Planting Walnut Trees"

While on the Gallia County Farm, I had gathered some walnuts, shelled them out and decided I wanted to gather more. My sister was there; I was going to ask her to accompany me. I thought if we went into the woods alone together we could also have some sex play.

I walked off alone down the road in front of the Farmhouse. After I had gone a ways I sat down. Two squirrels were playing on a large stump nearby. One ran to the top of the stump and stood up. I made a little clicking noise to get its attention. It wasn't frightened by me. The second squirrel made it to the top of the stump and the two started playing with each other. For a minute I couldn't see them and I had to stand up to get a better view. One squirrel was holding the other one down on its back.

A walnut tree was nearby and some walnuts in green husks were lying around on the ground. A couple walnuts were lying on the road and had been smashed in the white gravels.

Another walnut tree was nearby. I thought the squirrels were coming there to gather the walnuts. There seemed to be more squirrels than there used to be. That made me happy. I was glad hunters hadn't been killing them all.

I returned to the Farmhouse. I had already shelled out about a pound of walnut kernels, but the shells hadn't been completely dry when I had shelled them. My step-grandfather Clarence told me they would later turn black.

Doug Adams (my step-uncle) was there; he began telling me about a 40 acre farm which he had. As he talked I imagined a house sitting in the middle of his farm. It was atop a large hill and around it the land had been cleared of. He said that he was planting trees there and that he was going to plant them all over the farm. He said the trees wouldn't do anyone any good yet. I said, "Well, as soon as those trees start to grow, it'll be beautiful."

I left the Farmhouse and walked up to my Cabin. I looked around the Cabin, which looked somewhat different. It seemed to have awnings over the windows and part of the Cabin was made of hardwood boards rather than logs. The rest of it was covered with some black covering which resembled black tar paper. All in all it looked better than before.

I began thinking I would like to plant walnut trees all around my Cabin and all over the Farm. I thought I would cut down all the trees except the ones I couldn't identify. If I couldn't identify the tree I would leave it until I learned its name. I might leave some oak and maple standing.

On the hill behind the Cabin were four large oak trees. I walked down to where they were and saw one oak had blown over. I also saw a gigantic piece of metal lying on the ground. It looked like a large X, but the corners were fastened together with large girders.

I looked into the sky and saw power lines right over head. Apparently part of the power line structure had fallen off into the tree. I investigated further. I was afraid at first some live wires might have fallen, but I saw that none had fallen. I thought, "Well, I've got to get back down to the House immediately and call the power company and tell them to come up here and take care of this; that part of their electric structure from the electric line has fallen in."

When I returned to the Farmhouse, my father was there. I asked him if he had been up to my Cabin recently and whether he had noticed the large oak tree that had blown over. He said he had. I told Clarence about it. He said we needed to go up and pull it out.

My father and Clarence began talking about the number of trees I had cut down when I had built my Cabin. Clarence said I had only cut about two board inches. I didn't understand what he meant because I knew I had cut down many oak trees when I had built the Cabin.

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