Dream of: 17 October 1981 (2) "Cathouse"

I was in what appeared to be a Constitutional Law class being held outdoors somewhere in the country. The first four rows of the class were completely filled with people. In back of the fourth row was a large bed on which I was sitting practicing yoga.

I listened to the professor while he talked and while he questioned the people sitting in the first four rows. Finally, I rose from the bed, sat in one of the seats and began paying more attention, but I still didn't understand. Moreover, no one else in the class seemed to really understand what was going on either, nor could they answer the professor's questions.

The substance of the lesson involved the breeding of pigeons and the professor talked about how the breeding of pigeons had originated in old England. He said the people who had bred the pigeons had lived in places called "cathouses."

The professor wrote a list of words on the blackboard and next to them wrote their definitions. He wrote the word "crows" and next to it the word "crow." He also wrote the words "cathouse" and "crowd." He seemed to be saying crowds of people would gather in front of the cathouses, holler up to the people inside and ask them questions.

Finally, I stood, walked away and went down a small, grassy lane with trees on both sides. I could still hear the professor talking about how one man had been so disgusted with the stupidity of his class that he had stood up and left.

I decided to go to an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting which I knew was supposed to be held in the basement of the Kresge's store in Portsmouth at 5:30. I reached the store and went to the basement, but since I was unable to find the room where the meeting was, I asked some clerks for directions. I told them I was looking for a girl who attended went to meetings there and they directed me to a little room in the back which I entered and in which I found a man and two attractive girls, whom I didn't know, sitting at a table. I sat down at the table and thought, "Well, this may not be so bad. At least there are some girls here."

The girls introduced themselves to me. I didn't understand their names at first, so they wrote them on a piece of paper for me. Another attractive girl walked into the room and finally Kim (a friend whom I first met in Portsmouth in 1977), wearing a pretty orange dress, walked in. She sat down on my right and said, "Steve and I are going to be the supervisors of this meeting."

No one else knew who I was and everyone seemed surprised that Kim knew me and that we were going to be supervisors. Kim turned to me and asked, "How are you tonight? Are you all right tonight?"

I said, "Well, yea, I guess."

Kim seemed to be taking command of the situation. She seemed quite strong and wasn't timid.

My elbow was on the back of the chair touching her arm. I almost touched her breast. I liked having my elbow touch her arm. I felt close to her as if a strong feeling existed between us.

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