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Dream of: 16 October 1981 (2) "The Middle Of The Hour"

After my mother and I ascended the stairs to the second floor of the Gay Street House where she and I had been living together, I told her I would like to have sex with her tonight and she said that sounded fine.

I already had an erection and I didn't want to wait any longer. I walked over to her, pulled down my bluejean shorts and took off my small shirt so I was left completely nude. After I pulled down the bluejeans shorts she was wearing, she lay down on the couch and spread her legs apart. I looked at her pubic region, inserted my penis in her vagina and commenced having sex with her.

But suddenly we heard someone pull up in a car outside in the driveway. I thought I heard someone slam a door and I froze for a minute, thinking perhaps I should go and see who had arrived. I stood up and started putting my bluejeans and shirt back on. My mother pulled her bluejean shorts back on and started putting on her belt.

I waited a while, but no one came upstairs. Thinking no one was going to bother us, I walked back to my mother and said, "Don't worry about it. Let's just continue making love."

I bent down on my knees in front of her and was going to unbutton her pants again, but then we heard a door downstairs and now I was sure someone was down there. My mother told me to be quiet she was afraid that the person downstairs was a secret service man and that he would be able to hear us through the radiator in the room. I myself was afraid someone might be standing behind a second door in the room. I didn't want anyone to know I had been having sex with my mother. When we heard another movement downstairs, I hollered down, "Dad?"

My father answered, "Yes."

I was relieved it was my father downstairs I had been afraid someone else had come to harm us.

By now both my mother and I were fully dressed; I walked downstairs and said to my father, "Well, I'm glad it was you."

He said something like, "Well, why are you glad it was me? I'm here in the middle of the hour."

I said, "Well, if it wasn't you here in the middle of the hour, then it would have been someone else here in the middle of the hour. That could have been really bad."

I meant someone else might have broken into the house to harm us.

My father said he wanted to talk with me about my grades at Baylor Law School. Apparently he wanted to know why I had made a C and a C+ and hadn't continued making B's.

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