Dream of: 16 October 1981 "Underground Tunnel"

Someone who seemed like my brother Adolph was with me on an island surrounded by water. The island was inside an underground cave. Adolph swam around in the water among some rocks surrounding the island for a while and then came back on shore. When I looked around and noticed the front end of a red car standing on the sandy shore perpendicular to the ground, I thought the car was going to fall over.

Adolph and I walked along the shore and noticed the sand give way underneath us like quicksand. We would stand on the sand for a second and then suddenly sink up to our knees. The closer to the water we walked, the farther down we would sink. We even sunk up to our waists.

We found some long metal poles lying on the ground, picked them up and poked them into the sand. I lost a couple poles because they sank into the sand. I said to my brother, "Well, I can afford to lose some metal poles, but I can't afford to lose you."

Adolph walked closer to the water and sank all the way to his neck. When I looked again, his whole head had disappeared beneath the sand. I went to where he had sunk and reached down into the sand where his hand should have been. I felt his fingertips and kept reaching until I had hold of his hand. I started pulling until I finally pulled him out completely. As I held him in my arms, we seemed to be totally isolated from the rest of the world. I felt good about having saved his life.

I awoke and realized I had been dreaming. My brother was with me and I asked him if he had been dreaming last night. When he said he had been dreaming about our both being in an underground tunnel, I realized we had been having the same kind of dream and maybe the same thing had happened to us. I told him the only difference was that in my dream he had been Adolph. I thought that was interesting. I stopped describing the dream to him, found a pencil and began writing it down, describing exactly what had happened. I said to him, "Well, never mind. I'm going to go ahead and write it down and then you can read it. I can think about it better when I write it down."

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