Dream of: 15 October 1981 "Abogados Cuestan Mucho"

I walked up to the soda fountain of what appeared to be a Kresge's store. A man walked up and sat on the stool to my right. He asked the person behind the counter to let him see some sunglasses and he was given a pair. He tried them on and then laid them down. I thought he was going to buy them, but he just walked away.

The man behind the counter asked me what I wanted. I told him I wanted to buy the sunglasses and I handed him a hundred note. I tried on the little square glasses, but couldn't see because they were too dark. I motioned to the man and told him I didn't want the glasses. He gave me my change, but he only gave me change for a ten. I said, "Where's the rest of my change?"

He asked me what I had given him and I told him a hundred. He seemed as if he didn't believe me. He began looking around as if he were looking for the hundred note and couldn't find it anywhere. He indicated he wasn't going to give me the money. I repeated that I had given him a hundred note, jumped up and loudly demanded that he return my money.

A little boy standing to my right said he had seen the money. He wanted to shake my hand. I still had some change in my hand. I tried to get the change out of my hand so I could shake hands with him. I knew I was going to need him as a witness.

I turned to the man behind the counter and said in Spanish, "Si, le di ciento dolares. Ne se ha olvidado?"

He then came around to the other side of the counter where I was. I went up to his face and, referring to the change for ten dollars, asked, "Porque me has dado este cambio aqui? No se recuerdo que me had dado el cambio?"

At first, I was using the familiar form "tu," but I quickly changed to "Usted." He stated to say something and I said, "Va a decir que no vas a contestar mas pregunta sin tu abogado?"

He said, "Si."

I responded, "Sera un placer a hablar con tu abogado. Pero sabe que los abogados cuestan mucho."

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