Dream of: 09 October 1981 "Snake In A Cooler"

I was sitting in the middle of a class taught by Dohoney at Baylor Law School. When Dohoney asked me a question, I didn't know the answer. She proceeded to ask questions of other students in the room. Some students were different from the ones with whom I had originally begun law school. About 30 students were present who had begun classes the quarter after I had begun.

Although she wasn't obvious about it, I could tell Dohoney was surprised to see me back at Baylor. Still, she apparently had known beforehand that I was going to return.

The topic being discussed had to do with third world countries. Dohoney asked me whether a country whose policies didn't agree with the policies of another country was "kickable." I answered that a country was kickable if its policies didn't agree with the policies of other countries; but that didn't mean the country had the right to kick the other country.

Several hands shot up around the room. Someone else answered the question and said the country wasn't kickable. It seemed as if the person had said basically what I had said, but had turned the meaning around.

I spoke up again and said, "Well, that's what I mean. If one country's policies don't agree with those of another country's, then the other country has the power to kick the first country, but that doesn't mean that the second country has the right to kick the first country."

I moved over to the right side of the class; finally I walked outside. I immediately became entangled in some briar bushes and couldn't seem to extricate myself. They pricked me all over my body. I tried and tried to free myself. As soon as I would pull off one briar, another would catch me. I remembered I had recently had a dream in which I had been ensnared in a briar bush. Finally, I fell over into the briars; they clung to me all over.

At last I freed myself. I was out in the woods. I saw a small cabin and entered it through the back door. I walked to the front of the cabin. Dohoney was in another room in the front. I heard some people there scream, "Oh no! Steve is coming!"

Dohoney screamed, "No! Don't come in here, Steve! Run!"

Dohoney had been giving a class about snakes and had had a large python on the floor. I saw the python and realized it could reach me.

When I ran toward the back door, the python started chasing me. I ran out the back door and around the side of the house toward the front. The python kept chasing me; Dohoney was right behind the python.

She hollered, "Don't let it stand up on its tail and get its fangs into you."

Although the snake looked like a python, it seemed more like a cobra. Finally, it overtook me, but instead of attacking me, it slid on by.

In front of the house was a large house van. My sister and my brother Chris were inside the van. The python headed straight toward the house van. Apparently the python had originally come from the van. The snake climbed up the side of the van and crawled inside the van through a little window. Chris was sitting on a small bed inside the van. I knew he had muscular dystrophy and was unable to move. I said, "Oh no. It's going to get in there and get Chris."

I also saw my sister inside; she looked terrified.

The van was filled with many things, as if someone had been moving in it. The snake began crawling through all the stuff. It finally came to a Styrofoam ice-cooler and crawled inside the cooler without bothering anyone. Apparently the snake had originally been staying in the cooler.

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