Dream of: 04 October 1981 "Campus Book Store"

I was in the library of the University of Puerto Rico Law School in San Juan and noticed some new regulations which had been passed and posted for second year law students. A new four-hour course had been added to the list of required courses. I thought the four extra hours had probably been added at the behest of the American Bar Association (ABA) to see if Puerto Rican law students could meet the challenge of taking four more hours on top of their regular course load. The ABA had probably sent down a mandate that the law school must either comply with the extra four hour requirement or lose its accreditation.

I left the library, went to the campus book store and looked at some law books. Someone standing nearby showed me a book of cases of the Atomic Energy Commission. Noting that the book cost $14.95, I said, "Well, that's one book I'm certainly not going to buy."

I figured if I needed to read any Atomic Energy Commission cases I could simply look them up in the library. I next picked up a small book and began leafing through it. It concerned why no courses should be required in law school and why law students should be able to choose whatever courses they wanted to study.

Suddenly a man behind the cash register counter stood up, started pounding his pencil on the counter to call everyone's attention, and said he had an announcement to make. All the people in the book store became quiet.

The man then said Adolph Hitler had announced today he had been living in a Latin American town since the end of World War II. He had been in prison the entire time and had just now been released. He was now 90 years old. He wanted to return to Germany, had already boarded a plane, and was in route to Germany. On his way he was planning on making a stop in Puerto Rico.

Papa Doc, the head of state of Puerto Rico, had announced he wanted as many people as possible to go to the airport and greet the plane when it landed, even though the plane was only scheduled to make a short stop. The man behind the counter then sat back down.

I began talking with someone about what we had just heard. No one seemed to be sure whether it was actually Adolph Hitler who had turned up. Some people thought the story was true, but others were dubious. Some said it would be difficult to prove the man was actually Adolph Hitler. Others said Adolph Hitler had invited Winston Churchill to come and talk with him.

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