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Dream of: 03 October 1981 "Plane Tickets"

As I was standing in an airport reading something I was holding I felt something on the top of my head. At first I ignored the feeling, but then I felt it again. I reached up, felt my hair and when I pulled my hand away, found a bunch of hair in my hand. A girl was standing next to me with a pair of scissors in her hand. Clearly she had cut the hair on top of my head.

Her action made me rather angry. I asked her why she had cut my hair, but I received no answer. Finally I decided I would simply sue the girl in a tort action. She worked here at the airport selling tickets. I pulled out a piece of paper, wrote down her name and began gathering the names of several people who had been witnesses to the act.

Since I was leaving, I would be unable to appear in court. But I could sue her anyway and simply write my testimony without actually appearing in court.

I was planning to travel to Europe; a one-way ticket would cost $180.

My girlfriend Carolyn showed up. I asked her if she would like to go to Europe with me; I told her I would pay her way if she would go. I didn't really think she would accept my offer, but she said she would go with me. I asked her if she was sure; she said she was sure she wanted to go.

It was already almost 8 p.m.; the plane was supposed to leave at 8:30 p.m.. I went back to the ticket office. The girl who had cut my hair was in another office; a long line of people was waiting to buy tickets from her.

As I started to go into the office, a door started coming down from above to cut me off. It was like an elevator door; I touched the rubber part with my hand and it went back up. I went on into the room.

I told the girl behind the counter I wanted to go to Europe; I asked her if the plane landed in Paris or London. She replied they had planes to Paris, London or Houston. She said it would cost $212 for each ticket. I only had about $800-$900. I reached into my pocket for the money, but then I thought, "$212?"

I slammed my fist on the counter and said, "Wait a minute. This morning they told me that tickets were only $180. $212 is more than I can really afford to pay."

Meanwhile Carolyn was waiting outside.

The girl said, "Well, I don't know why they told you that tickets were only $180."

I said, "Well, this morning at this very counter the girl told me that tickets were $180 each."

The girl rose and showed me a ticket with the letter "C" on it. She showed me a chart on the wall which had a row of letters under which were various prices. She said, "Look, here's the letter C. Look for the price there on the wall."

I looked; the price was $212. She said some tickets were as high as $2,000.

I mentioned my luggage. She said it was too late to get my baggage on. I said, "What? Even if I buy the ticket right now and leave immediately?"

She said, "Well, if you hurry you might get it on but its getting awfully late. You'll probably have to carry it on the plane."

I didn't want to do that because I had five large suitcases. I stood here trying to decided. I really wanted to go and I really wanted to take Carolyn with me. But where would we would stay and how would we survive? I was uncertain what to do.

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