Dream of: 02 October 1981 "Blue Haze"

I was talking with a fellow as I walked down a hall at the University of Puerto Rico Law School. He asked me some questions about my student identification card and implied I had committed an irregularity when I had obtained the card. But I had done everything correctly he was mistaken. Nevertheless he continued asking me about it. I inferred from what he was saying that he was planning to go to the administration to complain about the irregularity.

I tried to remember whether I had done anything wrong, and whom I had told about having been in prison in Iran. I concluded I had told four people Brian, Leah, Haim and a professor at the UPR Law School, former president Ronald Reagan. If anyone had any questions about the matter, I would simply call in Ronald Reagan to testify I had told him; that should be a point in my favor. I had told him about my Iranian experience before beginning studies at UPR and he hadn't thought it would cause me any problem.

I left the school with several other people on motorcycles. One was Paul McCartney.

But then I was no longer on the motorcycle. I was just watching what was taking place as if watching a movie. I watched McCartney going down the road. He began picking up speed. A police car with two policemen in it began clocking McCartney and pulled up behind him. The police car began chasing him, but McCartney didn't even see the car. The policemen in the car were clocking McCartney and saw his speed increase to 100 miles per hour, then to 300, 500 and finally to 1,000 miles per hour.

The police likewise increased their speed to keep up with McCartney. The police began talking with each other and said the motorcycle had a capacity of going over 2,000 miles per hour.

I watched McCartney and as I looked at the expression on his face, I thought he was in a "blue haze." Obviously he was high on some type of drug.

Suddenly McCartney thought, "I'll put up the white flag to these policemen."

He stopped and pulled off the side of the road. The policemen pulled up behind him and one jumped out of the car. McCartney had pulled off the brim too far into the dirt. He started to pull back onto the pavement. The policeman ran up and said, "Hold it. Hold it. Where do you think you're going?"

McCartney had no intention of leaving. He stopped when he was back up on the concrete.

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