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Dream of: 01 October 1981 "Vampire Game"

I was sitting in a bedroom with my brother Chris and my sister. Apparently we were all vampires we were playing a little vampire game of biting each other on the neck and sucking blood.

First I was supposed to bite my sister on the neck. My fangs began growing. I bit her on the neck and sucked her blood.

Then it was my sister's turn to bite someone on the neck; but she couldn't get her fangs to grow. She sat futilely trying to grow her fangs. Finally I said, "Well, then we'll just let Chris go ahead and take his turn."

My sister seemed dubious that Chris would be able to grow his fangs, because she didn't think Chris was really a vampire. I said, "Well, you'll see."

Chris, sitting on the bed, likewise had trouble growing his fangs. I was a little afraid of Chris, because I didn't really think he was a vampire either. There seemed to be something good about Chris and for that reason I was afraid of him. I looked into his eyes and he seemed like some kind of great being. I thought he had power which could simply destroy me.

I put a towel around my sister and she and I began spinning around. Her fangs had begun to grow. I wondered whose blood she would suck, mine or Chris's.

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