Dream of: 29 September 1981 "Atomic Bombs"

My father and my mother, as well as my sister and my brother Chris (afflicted with muscular dystrophy), were with me in the House in Patriot. We were gathered in the living room, listening to a radio broadcast describing a nuclear bomb attack which would soon decimate the United States. It seemed that several warheads were headed toward the States, and that one warhead had already struck Dallas.

Alarmed, I immediately decided we should abandon the House. My father and mother, however, indicated they didn't want to leave. Deciding to depart anyway, I loaded my sister and Chris into the car and, leaving my parents behind, I climbed into the car, started it up, and headed down the road.

I had only driven a short distance when the car malfunctioned and slowed to a crawl. Noticing some attractive modern houses on my left, I pulled into the driveway of one and parked. After stepping from the car, I approached the door of the house, intending to ask someone if I could use a phone to call my mother to come and pick us up.

When the door opened for me, however, and I walked through into a spacious room, I discovered the house was actually a military intelligence center. At the moment, the man in charge of the center was trying to decide how the United States should retaliate for the nuclear weapon attack.

Perhaps a dozen other people, including several women, were also in the room. Two girls were playing a board game, which I also considered playing, before deciding better. Much more than in a game, I was interested in what some of the other people in the room were doing: listening to someone on a radio announcing that an island named Philadelphia, off the coast of Florida, would be the next target to be bombed.

Since this house seemed relatively safe, I thought maybe we should all descend the stairs to the basement and begin preparing the basement as a bomb shelter. I also began thinking it was time for us all to kneel down and pray to God. I was just about to kneel, when one of the winsome blonde girls who had been playing the board game walked over to me. Standing before me, she allowed me to wrap my arms around her, pull her close to me and kiss her.

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