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Dream of: 26 September 1981 "Battle To The Death"

I was living in what appeared to be an attic room about 20 meters long and 10 meters wide. Five or six friends were visiting me, including Dorie and Arturio (two Puerto Rican law students I had met), and Ronald Reagan's granddaughter.

As we all sat talking, someone mentioned the state of my room. The ceiling was in bad shape a large part was missing so the roof could be seen through the rafters. The room was sparsely furnished with only a television, a radio and a bed. Someone said if the place were fixed up, it would be livable. That was true, but I didn't have the money to refurbish the room. If I had the money (I told the others), I would put in a new ceiling and I would carpet the hardwood floor.

Someone said he would put tile on the floor. I answered I would definitely rather have carpeting. I said that was one of the differences between Puerto Ricans and Americans: Americans usually had carpeting in their homes while Puerto Ricans preferred tile. I said I not only preferred carpet because it kept one's feet warm in the winter, but because one could just lie down any time on the carpeting and roll around.

About a dozen posters hung on the wall, like strips of paper pasted to the wall. Across the front of each poster was written the word "equanimity," which blended into the design of each poster. I hadn't put up the posters myself they had been there before I had come. Since I hadn't thought the posters looked bad, I had just left them on the walls.

Arturio said he wanted to hear the news, so I turned the radio on the news station, WKAQ. The news came on and we listened to it a while.

Finally we all decided to leave. We walked outside and boarded a car. We drove around and as we did, we began letting the different people off at their various homes. Finally, only the driver in the front seat, and Ronald Reagan's granddaughter and I in the backseat, were left in the car. I didn't really know what to say to her. I didn't want to ask her for a date, even though I felt as if she wanted to go out with me. She seemed like a country girl, not too bright. Finally I asked her how it felt to be the granddaughter of Ronald Reagan. She said it felt fine. I told her it sounded interesting to me. She could go to the White House any time she wanted. She could go through the closets and find out what was in them. She said Nancy Reagan had invited her to come to the White House any time she wanted.

When the car finally stopped for her to get out, I realized my father was the person driving the car. I thought at first he was going to drive me back to my place, but instead (after letting off Reagan's granddaughter) he drove off in another direction. I saw now we were in New Boston, Ohio headed east toward Sciotoville. As we drove through New Boston, we saw Dorie on the street and my father implied I should ask her out. I told him no, that she already had a boyfriend, and that she was probably headed to see him right now.

We drove through Sciotoville. Clearly a terrible storm had passed through: many houses had been blown off their foundations and many cars were overturned. My father didn't notice the wreckage until I pointed it out to him. Obviously a terrible tornado had hit the area.

When my father continued driving out into the country, I asked him where we were going and he said he would show me. We passed some fields, irregular in shape and enclosed in fences. Cows and fruit trees stood in different fields. Finally I told my father I didn't want to waste my time. He replied this wouldn't be a waste of my time and he asked me if I thought he would waste my time.

Suddenly we reached a swampy area. My father drove the car right through the swamp until we came to a stop on a little island completely surrounded by the swamp. I knew quicksand surrounded the island. I became apprehensive and said, "What are we doing here?"

Suddenly I knew my father was going to try to kill me. I remembered someone was going to give me $120,000 and I figured my father thought if I died, he would receive all that money.

I quickly jumped out of the car and blurted that I wasn't going to receive the money. I said I had signed a note already, and I was wasn't going to accept the money. That was a lie, because I hadn't signed any note; but I thought perhaps the lie would deter him.

He came out of the car toward me anyway. I pulled off my coat and swung it at him in an attempt to knock him down. I missed, however, and instead, I ended up slinging my coat out into the middle of the swamp. I rapidly began kicking off my shoes and unbuttoning my shirt. I was hoping I could swim out, because I could see this was going to be a battle to the death.

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