Dream of: 25 September 1981 "Ice And Snow"

I was downstairs in the secretary's office of the Gay Street House. Walls walked in. I had tried to call Walls the previous night, but had been unable to reach him. He looked younger than usual. I went to him, hugged him tightly and said, "Come on in."

We walked into my father's office. My father wasn't here at the moment. We were talking when my father walked in. He handed me a bunch of papers and said I was supposed to give them to Walls. He also said something about trying to keep Walls from screaming when he read the papers.

I took the papers to Walls. I knew immediately what they were. Walls was insured with my father's insurance agency and the papers were for suspension of insurance because Walls had too many driving while intoxicated on alcohol violations. I handed the papers to Walls and said, "I don't know what these are, but my father told me to give them to you."

Walls looked them over without saying anything.

I told Walls my father wanted me to take something to Columbus for him and asked Walls if he would like to accompany me. He agreed and we headed to Columbus. It was snowing and Walls was in a bad mood because of his suspension.

I had a baggie of gold-colored marijuana with me. It weighed about 10 grams. Walls lit up a joint which he had which had already been half smoked. We smoked it as I drove along. When we finished smoking, I was rather intoxicated.

We pulled into a gas station and I got out of the car. Walls moved over behind the steering wheel to pull the car up to the tank. But as the car started sliding on the ice, I said, "Don't do anything. Just let me do it."

Since Walls no longer had any insurance, I was worried he might have an accident. I slipped back into the car and began trying to turn it around. The gas station attendant walked up. I picked up my baggie of marijuana from the front seat and stuck it in the pocket of the blue coat which I was wearing. I was afraid the attendant might see it.

The attendant knew Walls and said something to him. I stepped out of the car and glanced at the attendant. I thought it was Henry Mason (an acquaintance from elementary school) and said, "Oh, Henry Mason."

He looked at me rather strangely and said, "No, I'm not Henry Mason."

I said, "No, I guess you're not."

I began thinking, "Well, it's probably been ten years since I last saw Henry Mason."

I told the attendant to put five dollars worth of gas in. After doing so, he returned to me and said, "That'll be two dollars."

I said, "Two dollars?"

He looked at the meter again and said, "No, I mean five dollars."

I looked in my billfold and saw two two dollar bills, one five dollar bill, one one dollar bill and some other tens and twenties. I thought I pulled out the two two dollar bills and the one dollar bill and gave them to him; but mistakenly I handed him the five dollar bill also. He looked at the money a moment and handed the five dollar bill back to me, even though he could have kept it.

I slipped into the back seat. I had on a pair of tight fitting pants and wanted to put on a looser pair. So I took off my pants, was nude for a moment and then put on the other pants.

I crawled back into the front seat. The car began sliding and it slid right into one of the gas meters. But it just barely hit it. Although I had the keys in my hand, I was having trouble finding the right one for the ignition. Finally I found the right key and put it in the ignition. I started the car, backed it up and drove out onto the highway. Much snow was on the ground.

Out on the highway I felt like smoking another joint, but there was too much traffic. Walls was morose. He said now that his insurance had been suspended by one company, he wouldn't be able to obtain insurance with anyone else because a law prohibited it. He said he wouldn't be able to drive anymore without insurance. He mentioned that his father was with another insurance company and that his father would probably be suspended soon also.

At first I was heading the wrong way. I saw some signs which said New York and I knew I had to turn around because I wanted to return to Portsmouth. So I turned around.

I came to a part of the road which had been changed. We weren't even on the road anymore. We seemed to be on a little path in the woods. We came to a place where the old road had been closed off and the little path we were on veered off to the right. The old road had been plowed up and made into a park. Walls said, "They've plowed up the road and put benches for old people in it place."

As we passed the benches I said, "Nobody probably uses those fucking benches."

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