Dream of: 22 September 1981 "Cerca Del Corazon"

Marta and Juan (acquaintances from Puerto Rico) were sitting in a car which I was driving. We were all drinking from a six pack of beer, and Marta was obviously becoming intoxicated on the alcohol. I came to a one way street and turned left. I finished my beer and asked for another. Marta opened up her coat, where I thought she had the beer, but the beer was actually in her purse. I said, "I thought you were keeping the beer close to your heart."

I tried to think of how to say that in Spanish and the words "cerca del corazon" came to mind.

After stopping for a moment, I stepped out of the car and put on my glasses, which I hadn't been wearing while driving. I seated myself in the car again, removed the glasses and said, "I'm taking off my glasses because I don't want to remember that I'm driving."

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