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Dream of: 20 September 1981 (2) "Uncharacteristically Beautiful"

I was standing at the counter of the Penny's store in Portsmouth and was preparing to buy something. In my hand I had my plastic CitiBank card. I noticed the card had a tear in the middle where it had been bent. Then I realized I couldn't use the CitiBank card in Penny's, and said, "Wait a minute. I'm not sure that I have any cash."

I opened my billfold, put the card back in and saw that I had a twenty and two tens. What I was buying cost less than $10, so I pulled out a ten and gave it to the cashier. She asked me if I had any identification. I said, "What do I need identification for? I just gave you $10 cash."

She replied, "Well, the policy calls for us to ask for identification with each purchase."

I had identification with me, but said, "No, I don't have any. I don't believe in it."

She said, "Well, OK."

She then took the money and gave me my purchase.

I pushed a rack with some hangars on it out of my way, and then met a blond-haired fellow who told me his name was Stuart. We talked and he said his sister was going to pick him up. I myself was waiting for Carolyn, who was buying a dress in another part of the store. I told the fellow I had to take Carolyn home, and he said he would give me a ride. Then he asked me when I was going to get my grade card and I said maybe in a week or two. We then walked out front where several people were standing around and I waited for Carolyn.

Finally she came out the front. Pretending I didn't know her, I walked up to her and said, "Well, who is this uncharacteristically beautiful young thing?

She backed up and said, "Oh no you don't."

When she walked away from me, I followed her and said, "Ma'am, I didn't meant to offend you."

As the people around us watched, she turned around, gave me her hand and walked back with me to where Stuart was. I introduced her to Stuart, who said his name was Leo Stuart. I said, "Oh, your last name is Stuart. I thought your first name was Stuart."

Stuart's sister drove up and I told him it was a long ways to drive to Carolyn's house. But he said he didn't mind. As we prepared to board the car, I debated with myself whether I should sit in the front seat with Stuart's sister and let Stuart in the back with Carolyn. I thought Stuart seemed like a nice guy and maybe it would be good if Carolyn met someone like him, since I was never around.

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