Dream of: 20 September 1981 "Old Murder"

I had found out something about Buckner's parents (who seemed much like my step-grandfather Clarence and my grandmother Mabel). I learned that Buckner's father had once tried to kill Buckner's mother. I decided to tell Buckner about it, but before I could, I learned Buckner's father had actually killed a man about 20 years earlier. The murder had taken place outdoors on a farm. Buckner's father had simply found the murdered man (who seemed like a Mexican) on his farm and had killed him.

As I learned all these facts, I myself was standing by a fence on a farm. I looked up on the ridge of a nearby hill and saw a group of Mexicans who were all wearing large sombreros. The Mexican man who had been killed had also been wearing a distinctive type of sombrero. I then noticed one of the hats lying on the ground near where the murder had apparently taken place.

Since Buckner's parents had never told Buckner about the murder, I decided to tell him myself. Buckner's parents were living in a large house similar to the Gay Street House, except it had six stories instead of two. I went to the dining room (on the sixth floor) and sat down at a table to eat with Buckner and his parents.

Buckner and I were both wearing suits. I began dropping some hints about the murder and Buckner's father seemed to be catching on, although he seemed to be distracted by something and he actually seemed mentally unbalanced. Buckner's mother however knew what was happening and that I was about to tell Buckner the truth.

I then accompanied Buckner to the murder scene. But it wasn't outside in the field but rather was on the fifth floor of the house. I took Buckner into one of the many rooms on that floor to show him around.

I had also read a newspaper article which had described the murder as having been of a French person (instead of a Mexican). On one page the article had said the French government had a lawyer fighting the case who was expected to win.

As Buckner and I walked through one of the rooms, we saw some boy scouts walking around. We didn't want them to see us, and I told Buckner to lie down behind one of the doors. He did so, but the boy scouts saw us anyway as they walked through. We rose and as we proceeded walking through the rooms, I began explaining to Buckner how his father had killed a man.

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