Dream of: 18 September 1981 "Tell All Nations"

My father and I were in a cabin cruiser listening to someone reading a book about a son who tried to take away a woman from his father; the father in the book was thinking of shooting the son. My father said, "That would take a long, hard shot."

My father seemed to be saying it would be difficult for a father to shoot his own son. I stood silently listening, while several people stood looking at me. I knew they knew I had once tried to take a woman from my father.

One fellow was nude. He seemed angelic. I could tell he felt sorry for me. He walked up close to me and stood right next to me so his penis was touching my arm. I moved my arm so he would not be touching it.

We looked down at the water; it seemed as if we were high above the water. The water was moving about and on the surface were many large white pieces of something almost like ice. Someone said, "Tell all nations."

As I looked at the pieces, they seemed to interlock, and I thought each piece represented a nation. There were many more pieces than there were nations, so I thought all the nations of history were included.

Later I debarked from the boat and found myself in front of a wall. It seemed someone was reading something in the background of a biblical nature. The reading was about someone who had had many possessions and had lost everything except a sack and his flute.

Suddenly I saw the person about whom was being read in front of me. He was on a burro. The bundle and the flute were also on the burro. The burro started walking away from me. I hollered to it and they turned around and came back to me.

The burro now seemed more like a horse and was dancing all about, trying to get close to me. Suddenly it reached over with its mouth, grabbed my hand and began sucking it. It seemed like a friendly gesture and I said, "These horses here love to suck a person's hand, don't they."

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